ProShot and SophieLens HD get minor updates but promise bigger ones in early 2015

Two of our favorite photo apps picked up updates today but perhaps the bigger news is what they have planned for 2015. ProShot and SophieLens HD should be staples in your photo arsenal as both apps offer unique takes on mobile imaging.

Let's see what's new.

ProShot v5.5.1

  • UI / UX tweaks
  • v6.0 coming early 2015, completely rewritten for WP 8.1

Overall, not an extensive update but that teaser about version 6.0 has us curious. Certainly recoding the app for 8.1 will bring performance improvements, and for Windows Phone camera apps, that is always a plus.

SophieLens HD v

  • We've removed the unpopular feature of adding in stories after you've captured an image. Instead, now you'll have the option of saving the image directly or to retaking it. A better UX is on the way.
  • App icons are also now transparent, we know many of you have been writing to us about this. So... there you go :)
  • Much will be done in the coming months to improve on SophieLens, new filters, new UI, etc. We hope you'll be patient with us as we are a very small team of developers.

The update for SophieLens HD, which contains some fancy filters and an excellent UI, is a little more robust with the removal of stories after image capture and the transparent icons.

Like ProShot above SophieLens HD will also get some more advanced work. Since it is already an 8.1-only app, it has a slight advantage over ProShot.

We haven't talked about either of these apps for a while, but if you have not tried them before, you really should. ProShot gives some amazing manual controls for your camera, and SophieLens HD has some of the best camera filters in town. In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for future updates from both developers.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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