Pushbullet client Instabullet is now a universal Windows 10 app

Pushbullet is a relatively well know service for sending files, URL links, lists, addresses and anything you can think of to various contacts on a multitude of platforms. It is similar to email but makes managing files and history easier since it goes to all your or you contacts' devices. With the latest version, the app has become more like a messaging client on steroids.

One problem, however. Pushbullet does not have an app for Windows Phone. They do make a very powerful and fantastic Win32 app for Windows desktop. Nonetheless, since there is no Windows Phone app, it neuters the service for those people. Luckily, there have been some third party apps to fill the gap and now Instabullet, originally on Windows Phone 8.1 is now a universal Windows 10 app.

How Pushbullet works

As a service, Pushbullet relies on Facebook or Google login. They should add Microsoft Account to that, but that is another argument for another day. Simply login and give access to either service and you are good to go. Next, you add a few contacts via email address, assuming they also use Pushbullet.

Now, you can just send them files, and it reaches any devices they have Pushbullet installed on including iOS, Android, PC or even as a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Instabullet for Windows 10

The new version of Instabullet is now a universal app for Windows 10 bringing along with it a new design. Through the app you can send:

  • Notes
  • URL Links
  • Address (including geolocation)
  • List
  • Files

The last one, Files, is rather a big deal as the app now uses the File Explorer feature in Windows 10. This function lets users go through documents, downloads, music, pictures, ringtones and videos.

Push notifications ensure that whether it is your Windows Phone, Windows 10 PC, or tablet can all be on the same Pushbullet network.

The developer behind the app is also asking for feedback on the design. Specifically, the current app is like the old version, whereas the Pushbullet service has transformed more into a messaging one that can send files too. Should the Windows 10 app also go down that route? Contact mistyksu@gmail.com to let them know your wishes.

For now, Instabullet is likely the best solution for those who wish to be able to send files anywhere to anyone. If Pushbullet were smart they would make their own universal Windows 10 app, but we will have to wait for that to happen.

Also, if you are still on Windows Phone 8.1 no worries. There is still the same 8.1 version in the Store letting you participate as well.

Instabullet is completely free so that you can download as a 'Try', or you can use the $1.29 option if you would like to support the developer, MistyK, for their efforts. Head to the Pushbullet website for more information about the service.

Via: Reddit

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Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm using goKopy. :)
  • Me too, they also have browser extensions.
  • I'm using Telegram to chat and send files to me and my friends.
  • No SMS support?
  • That's an API issue. You can only do so much as a third party dev. Same reason why there are no third-party WhatsApp or Skype clients. For a platform, you need to maintain some security.
  • What about Win 10, more APIs for this?
  • APIs work both ways. The Pushbullet service has its own APIs and those are the ones not completely open.
  • As a developer, the lack of ability to send sms/mms is huge. In WM10, from what I've been told you can read sms/mms but not send. The lack of sending is frustrating, I would've been willing to pay a bond and extensive code review delays(meaning if you use X namespace it is an automatic code review delaying publishing to the store until it is reviewed) for the capability of sending SMS/MMS.
  • Pushbullet needs to get on the ball with this. Thats one of the best features of the service (SMS). 
  • Is it better to use the official Pushbullet uni app instead?
  • You can't on Windows Phone. As to official desktop vs Instabullet, up to you. They both work and it can use both while installed.
  • IIRC the desktop client on Windows 8.1 did not work with the Share charm; something to consider if my recollection is correct.
  • If the official universal supports messaging, then its probably best to use that version on Win10 desktop. For Win10 mobile this is the best option at the moment. 
  • I downloaded and installed it on my Windows 10 PC while on my W10 Mobile, I'm getting "Well this is embarrassing. We can't find this app." error on installation even though I downloaded it.
  • Like its not my fault..
  • Design rocks...
  • Can you get system notifications from your phone using this app. Example, phone rings, you can get a pop up via Pushbullett installed on your PC of the number. Thanks.
  • Nope
  • Ok, thank you.I will probably buy it anyway.
  • All these apps beating WC to the punch
  • Wow, they literally told me earlier this week that they wouldn't do this. I guess their people who monitor twitter aren't up to date with what their company is doing. Way to manage social media.
  • Can I play age of empires without internet connection
  • Developer MistyK.  Sounds like a stripper.  A stripper that can write code I guess haha.  Don't use pushbullet, but nice looking app though.  Great job MistyK.
  • 3rd party and not free. Close but no cigar.
  • Thats why i use Pushile
  • If you can't spare a few dollars to help out a developer, then you should rethink things...
  • Nice! I use Pushbullet a lot.
  • Dan, can we get a link to that awesome wallpaper? :D
  • I don't understand this app, it just show me a web page with 3 options login with google (what??), login with FB (i don't use FB) or deny Deny what? I don't understand
  • I think if you press deny, the signup won't work.
  • I use Push Bulli currently :)
  • Pushile is the best and it's free