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Ebay Inc. has developed a cool barcode scanner that has recently landed in the Windows Phone Marketplace. RedLaser will scan UPC, EAN, UPC-E, EAN-8 and QR Codes to find low online and local prices for the product. RedLaser is a very good shopping tool for your Windows Phone and has been a successful app over on the iOS and Android platforms.  In just tinkering with RedLaser around the house, we don't see why RedLaser won't be successful on the Windows Phone platform.

The app is spread out nicely with pages that show your search history, display your product lists, and a page to create QR Tags.  At the bottom of the main pages are two buttons, one to initiate a scan and the other to pull up the keyword menu.  From the three-dot menu you can access the settings and about screens.

To scan a barcode simply tap the "scan" button at the bottom or the screen or the "scan an item" button on the History Page. This will pull up a camera view where you'll simply hold the barcode with the framed area. RedLaser scans the barcode automatically and in a few seconds you'll get product results that include online and local search results.

The results are broken down on a pricing page, a local pricing page that also maps local availability of the product, and any reviews that are available for the product.  At the bottom of the results pages you have buttons to add the item to a list, share your results on Windows Live, Twitter, or Facebook and pin the results to your Start Screen. Tapping the individual retail listing on the results will pull up the retailers website.

All in all, RedLaser is an impressive app for your Windows Phone.  Scans were really, really, really fast.  Results were prompt, laid out nicely and the history and list features helps for quick reference.  Having the ability to generate QR Tags is just an added bonus.  RedLaser is a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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George Ponder

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