Quick tour of Nokia Music app for the Lumia series [Video]

So not a lot has been shown of Nokia Music, their free app that will be on board the Lumia 800 and 710. Think of it as a Zune II but without the cost. Basically you get to find music, stream it and create playlists. In addition there are pre-made mixes, similar to 8tracks--you can even save them for offline playing. If you want a song, it takes you to their own music store where you can buy tracks individually. Finally, you can even browse for upcoming concerts, which was a nice touch as it adds Eventful like functionality to the app.

Overall a nice service which will augment Zune.

Daniel Rubino

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  • So is Microsoft letting Nokia cannibalize their Zune Music Pass sales? Or is the music library more limited with this app? Or will it only be available in markets where Zune Music Pass is not? There has to be a catch. Nobody gives away music for free (legally).
  • Im wondering the same thing. Seems kind of strange to allow them to do this
  • > Nobody gives away music for free (legally). Depends on the music. Is all the free music going to be a bunch of indy stuff that all sounds identical to each other? (Not bash indy music. I like a lot of it, but after awhile you'll like free music with a different sound. I'm talking to you, Amazon.)
  • Having worked in the U.S. music industry, I'd be very surprised if this made it to North America... PLEASANTLY Surprised, but surprised just the same.My hunch is it will be offered to the areas where Zune Pass is unavailable...
  • I believe Nokia Music is akin to the Ovi Music service offered on Symbian products. I have a N8 here in the U.S. but I cannot get access to Ovi Music, as it is regional. So, yes, I also think that this is the service Nokia is offering its European clientele where Zune services are simply not available.
  • I'm assuming if you buy a song from nokia music it will be in mp3 format and that when you sync your phone next it will be recognized by zune but what about mixes and songs that you've downloaded for offline play but haven't purchased??? Also obviously the app is free since its loaded on every nokia windows phone but is the service free as well??? not sure how well that will jive with the music industry here in america.
  • Anybody got a list of which countries this will work in?
  • I've heard it said that the Nokia Music app is in the Marketplace, but I don't see it anywhere, and I have the Lumia 900.