Quizkampen Windows Phone

Here’s a game for all our friends in Sweden. Quizkampen is now available for Windows Phone. It comes to our platform via Android and iOS, where it’s already picked up a sizeable number of fans. Today you can join your iPhone and Galaxy friends with Quizkampen. Let’s check it out.

Download the app and you can sign in with either Facebook or your own account. From there you’ll be ready to play some quiz games. Quizkampen features:

  • Over 40,000 questions
  • 200 questions added daily
  • 20 different categories with fun ones like TV series, video games, and more
  • Submit your own questions to the game
  • Smart rating system to compare your skills with the rest of Sweden


Sadly, we don’t speak Swedish. Although we do love ourselves some Swedish Fish (and babes), we didn’t get a chance to enjoy the game like many of you will.

Hit up the Windows Phone Store to download Quizkampen for free. You’ll of course need to know some Swedish to really have fun. Don’t forget to use the QR codes below or swipe to the right to grab the game. Enjoy! 

Thanks for the tip Samuel S!

QR: Quizkampen