Qwest Beats Verizon to the HTC 5800, 6800 Punch

Whoa - sometimes I forget that Qwest is even there. But there they are - releasing the HTC Libra / S720 / SMT5800 before Verizon does. They're calling it the "Fusion" and I appreciate that it has a name that matches its function (i.e. a fusion of a regular smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard). I don't know yet if the QWERTY keyboard is at all improved over that of the HTC Vox, but we can hope. Qwest is selling it for $199.99 after discount.

Also on Qwest - the HTC Mogul for $299.99 after discount. Kudos, Qwest, you stick it to the big V.

Qwest Wireless today launched the HTC 5800 "Fusion," a small candybar style smartphone with a numeric keypad on the front and slide-out QWERTY keyboard underneath. This is the first version of HTC's Libra / S720 to launch in the States. It features Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Smartphone), stereo Bluetooth, 2 Megapixel camera, and MicroSD slot.

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WC Staff