RAGE 2 reviews have dropped – but they're a mixed bag

Early reviews have dropped for Bethesda's upcoming RAGE 2, one of early 2019's most anticipated shooters. This neon-draped fusion of action and open-world adventure departs the original's uninspired tones, doubling down on unhinged action and punk attire. Hopes are high for the crazed successor, riding on its chaotic gameplay and a quirky persona.

With RAGE 2 slated for May 14, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, final impressions have dropped for outlets with pre-release copies. It appears Bethesda has distributed code to a select pool of outlets, resulting in a subset of under two-dozen critics with reviews for launch. Windows Central has just secured RAGE 2, with our early impressions in the works for coming days.

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Current RAGE 2 reviews praise its underlying gameplay, detailing exhilarating combat backed by robust gunplay. Following the success of the DOOM 2016 reboot, id Software's "heritage as FPS royalty" transpires in a wild post-apocalyptic sandbox. However, RAGE 2 also appears to suffer from its shift into the open world, reportedly failing to convey a compelling narrative, missions, and overall world building.

As of publication, RAGE 2 reviews are seemingly a pretty mixed bag. The game currently sits at a 73/100 score on Metacritic and a similar 72 "Fair" rating on OpenCritic; two of the industry's leading review aggregators. Impressions top out in the mid-80s, weighed down by a sizeable number of 50-60 scores. Below is a wrap-up of scores from some of the early reviews:

RAGE 2 isn't poised to be 2019's redefining shooter, however, still appears to feature some interesting underlying traits. In the meantime, preorders remain live at Amazon to secure your copy for launch.

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