Rainbow Six Quarantine first gameplay details surface in alleged leak

Rainbow Six Quarantine Leak
Rainbow Six Quarantine Leak (Image credit: /u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit)

Rainbow Six Quarantine Teaser

Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • Alleged Rainbow Six Quarantine promotional documents have surfaced online, providing our first potential glimpse of Ubisoft's upcoming cooperative shooter.
  • The leak suggests the return of 21 existing Operators, alongside three new locations, eight infected enemies, and other gameplay details.

While Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege lies among Ubisoft's latest multiplayer hits, Rainbow Six Quarantine explores the world through a new cooperative lens. Briefly teased among the publisher's E3 lineup in June 2019, the spin-off translates tactical shooter foundations into squad-based player-versus-environment gameplay.

Rainbow Six Quarantine expands on the grounds of Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak mode, which offered the first divergence from competitive roots as a limited-time event. Developed under a standalone team at Ubisoft Montreal, the title capitalizes on record success for the Rainbow Six brand, currently on track for a 2020 release.

But details remain scarce on Rainbow Six Quarantine, with only a brief teaser trailer, promising familiar combat and gadgetry to its best-selling multiplayer sandbox. A newly-surfaced leak provides alleged details on those core gameplay philosophies, and an overview of returning Operators, missions, locations, weapons, and more.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Operators Leak

Source: /u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit (Image credit: Source: /u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit)

An alleged pamphlet has been making the rounds on Reddit, providing an overview of Rainbow Six Quarantine content, describing co-op, replayability, and tension as core to gameplay. That translates the allure of Rainbow Six Siege's highs into a player-versus-AI setup, including 21 familiar Operators at launch.

As Ubisoft's initial trailer suggests, Rainbow Six Quarantine will revive a roster of select playable Operators from Rainbow Six Siege. The leak indicates attackers and defenders unite under one team, now divided into three classes, titled "Assault," "Recon," and "Support."

Infected Outbreak enemies also return, naming the Grunt, Breacher, Rooter, Smasher, and Apex, all first showcased under the Outbreak event. Three new infected forms appear to feature, split across four defined tiers.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Infected Leak

Source: /u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit (Image credit: Source: /u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit)

Rainbow Six Quarantine Locations Leak

Source: /u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit (Image credit: Source: /u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit)

Similar to Left 4 Dead, Quarantine could split content across three distinct campaigns, spanning New York City, San Francisco, and "TRC," potentially Torreón, Mexico. Three chapters assemble each campaign, visiting separate locales, and completing objectives amid the outbreak. Listed missions include Sabotage, Escort, Disruption, and Hunt, each suggesting various goals players must pursue.

The leak packs a ton of other tidbits supposedly related to Rainbow Six Quarantine, including a new per-Operator progression system, the return of Rainbow Six Siege's broad cosmetics system, and various weapons planned across loadouts.

As with any unconfirmed source, take leaks with a pinch of salt, especially given the early nature of Rainbow Six Quarantine. However, with little information from Ubisoft, and a convincing pamphlet packed with feasible details, this could be our first glimpse of plans for the cooperative shooter. It wouldn't be the first Ubisoft leak from physical promotional materials, either.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is expected to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, scheduled for sometime in 2020.

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