Rainbow Six Siege 'Doktor's Curse' Packs finally earnable with Renown

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has debuted its "Doktor's Curse" event, dropping a new Halloween-themed mode in Ubisoft's hit tactical shooter. It's the latest mid-season event shaking up gameplay foundations, centered on a new haunted hide-and-seek mode. Included is a limited-time line of "Curse Collection" cosmetics, putting a spooky spin on existing Operators. And it also marks a significant shift in strategy – finally bringing the choice to spend Renown.

Ubisoft has experimented with paid cosmetics for two years, first trialed via the Outbreak event under Operation Chimera. The "Premium" collections traditionally feature up to a few dozen rewards in randomized loot-box-style packs, exclusively tied to real-world money. It's been one of several revenue streams supporting four years of free updates, as revenue topped $1 billion in early 2019.

Doktor's Curse signals changes in how Ubisoft approaches seasonal events, tapping into Renown, its earnable in-game currency. While premium "R6 Credits" remain the focus, players with healthy Renown balances could secure the collection for free.

However, it comes at 12,500 Renown per pack, totaling 337,500 (with one free pack) for the full 28-piece set. That far exceeds a reasonable value earnable across the event's two-week duration but provides a welcome avenue for some beyond hard-earned cash. Year 4 Pass holders receive their customary 10 percent discount, cutting the cost to 303,750.

The Rainbow Six Siege "Doktor's Curse" event is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, until November 6, 2019.

Matt Brown

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