RapidX Finish Line gaming chair is comfy, stylish and pricey

A proper gaming rig consists of a console or PC, TV or monitor, speakers or headset, and a quality controller or mouse and keyboard. But you also need a comfortable place to sit.

That's where gaming chairs come in. The RapidX Finish Line chair is a stylish chair designed for both work and play. But does this premium chair deliver maximum comfort? Keep reading.

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Racing style

RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair

RapidX offers two main chair designs at present: the Ferrino and the Finish Line. Both draw inspiration from the harness bucket seats used by professional racers. The two chairs share the same basic shape but diverge aesthetically. The Ferrino comes in six different color combinations, all with a primarily-black center, and colored edges and cross-stitching. It's the more subtle, neutral design.

The Finish Line only comes in four color combinations, but boy does it stand out from the crowd. A checkerboard pattern stretches from the center of the back down to the seat itself, perfectly evoking the look of the checkered flag used in automotive races. The RapidX logo adorns the front of the seat, in addition to the X symbol found at the top of both chairs.

Most important for me, two of the Finish Line designs don't use black as their primary color. You can get red-and-yellow or blue-and-white, on top of the more traditional black-and-white and black-and-red variations. As a lifelong Sonic the Hedgehog fan, I had to go with blue.

Assembly required

RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair

RapidX chairs come in a massive box that says it requires two people to move. I managed to transport it by flipping it over repeatedly – an old furniture delivery trick. But most people will probably want someone to help them bring it in. That's one heavy box!

Assembling the chair is not the simplest process. The included instructions break it down into six steps, but they really don't go into any detail about the challenging steps and how to make them easier. For me, the hardest part was attaching the seat back to the seat base.

Previous office chairs I've bought came with these two portions already connected, folded up inside the box. Not so, here. The seat attaches via three hex bolts on each side. You tighten them with the included Allen key, the only tool needed. But threading the bolts into the holes on the seat back proves difficult because the PVC leather surrounding the bolt holes shifts around too easily.

Once I got the seat back and base attached, the rest of the process went smoothly. It took just over half an hour in total.


RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair arm

The Finish Line chair is sturdy and well-made, and it supports up to 265 pounds (150 kilograms). It also has some standout features to help justify the premium price:

  • 85-degree to 155-degree angle recline adjuster.
  • Locking tilt mechanism designed to emulate car seat recliners.
  • Lift cylinder adjusts seat height from 14.17 inches to 16.5 inches.
  • Armrests adjust from 11.8 inches to 14.5 inches in height.
  • 3D-adjustable PVC armrests with three directional settings.
  • Removable 10-inch by 7-inch colored lumbar and neck support pillows.
  • Durable and stylized PVC leather.
  • 21-inch seat width and 18-inch backrest width.

Note the reclining function! While pulling the recline handle on the side, you simply adjust the back's position up and down. Release the handle and it locks in place. I've never owned an office chair that reclines before. It's actually a really cool option to have. After a few hours of working or playing in the chair, you can simply lean it back and lie down while playing a game or watching a show. It's probably not something you'd do all the time, but it is quite comfortable when the need arises.

RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair

The arms are highly adjustable, as well. You can slide them forward or backward. Raise or lower them, and even rotate them in or out. That's a ton of control. The only downside is the arms aren't padded. Their plastic has a slight spongy give, and I don't find them to be uncomfortable. However, it's not unreasonable to expect arm padding in a chair at this price point.

Naturally, the chair can be raised or lowered. Clearly printed labels on the side lever tell you how to raise or lower, and lock and unlock the height. Some other chairs I've used don't label these functions or make the lever visible while seated. The visibility and labels on the RapidX handle take the guesswork out of adjusting seat height.

Stylish and comfortable

RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair

Those sexy looks and fancy features wouldn't matter much if the Finish Line wasn't also a comfortable chair. I'm pleased to report that it's nearly a perfect chair on the comfort front. Back support, a huge concern for people like me who work at a desk for hours on end, is exceptionally strong here. The molded shape of the chair, combined with the adjustable angle of recline, offers all the support you could want.

The Finish Line also includes two removable pillows for neck and lumbar support. These attach via straps that hold them in place. The included instructions make no mention of the pillows, so you're on your own when it comes time to figure out where and how to position them. But hey, get them in the right spot and they feel good to lean against.

The one area where the Finish Line has real room for improvement is base cushioning. This is a firmer chair than my normal, half-as-expensive office chair. The seat base just doesn't have as much thickness and cushioning. As a result, I sometimes experience posterior fatigue after extended use. The chair is so comfortable in every other way, I wish the base had more padding.

RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair

RapidX Finish Line gaming chair review: Bottom line

Base padding aside, the RapidX Finish Line is one of the nicest chairs a gamer could ask for. The aesthetic design meshes perfectly with racing games like Forza Horizon 3, but the checkerboard pattern should appeal to non-racers as well. The wealth of adjustable features and reclining make it easy to get the chair just the way you want it, no matter how tall you are. And no need to worry about back support – the Finish Line has you covered.

The RapidX Finish Line's retail price of $349.99 might put it out of reach for some gamers, but if you have the money to spend and need a serious chair for work and gaming, it won't let you down. Amazon is also currently offering a significant discount on all colors, so act fast if you want in on that deal.

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