Razer launches three desktop PC cases with Chroma lighting and more

Razer is finishing out its CES 2019 announcements by unveiling three desktop PC cases for gamers looking to add a little more Chroma flair to their setups. In all, the lineup includes two cases that Razer has designed in-house, and one built in concert with Lian Li.

The Lian Li partnership is a result of the Designed by Razer Case program, which has also turned out cases from NZXT and Antec. Razer says the mid-tower Lian Li O11 Dynamic chassis is "the first of its kind" to pack Chroma lighting that's controllable through the Synapse 3 software suite. On the front glass, you'll find Razer's iconic triple-headed snake logo, flanked by strips of Chroma lighting.

Razer itself has been hard at work on designing its own mid-tower chassis as well. The new Razer Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite both feature stark black exteriors with the triple-headed snake logo up front and Chroma lighting underneath.

The Tomahawk Elite steps things up further with tempered glass side panels that open upwards for quick access to components inside. The Tomahawk Elite also comes ready to work with liquid cooler bespoke liquid cooler solutions that match the chassis design. And when things start running hot, the case features a hydraulic-powered top panel that can automatically rise to allow for more ventilation.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is expected to launch later in Q1 2019 for $170. Pricing isn't available for the Razer Tomahawk line just yet, but the company says it expects to make both available between Q2 and Q3 of 2019.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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