Razer's new Sila router is tricked out for gaming over Wi-Fi

Razer is already a behemoth in the gaming accessories market, commanding a large lineup of keyboards, mice, headsets, and more. Today, the company is expanding that range a bit by launching a router with a couple of tricks up its sleeve to keep gamers happy when playing over Wi-Fi.

Called the Razer Sila, the router looks relatively conservative compared to the company's other, flashier products. But the clean black square packs an impressive set of features aimed at keeping your games as lag-free as possible. At the head of that effort is FasTrack, a feature that allows Sila to prioritize gaming traffic over your network as needed. While PC gamers are the obvious target here, FasTrack works with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch as well.

Another trick included is automatic Wi-Fi channel switching, so you can be moved to the least congested channel possible in a snap. Several Silas can also be used to create a mesh network, with the ability to cover up to 9,000 square feet of space with three units. When used together, the routers rely on dedicated backhaul channels for traffic that should ensure you can hit maximum speeds no matter where you're located in your home.

Here's the full rundown, according to Razer:

  • Razer FasTrack – Intelligent continuously adaptive QoS with Deep Packet Inspection prioritizes applications & devices for high-speed gaming & streaming
  • Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS – Get additional bandwidth on protected fast channels for reliable, interference-free, lag-free connections
  • Tri-Band Mesh with Dedicated Backhaul – For widespread coverage with maximum performance
  • Intelligent Active Steering – Ensures client devices are always connected to the strongest signal
  • App and Smart Software Support – iOS & Android app with advanced features for guest network & security controls

It's worth noting that some of these features, such as traffic prioritization and channel switching, can be found on other routers as well. But if you're a gamer and a fan of Razer's lineup already, the Sila makes for an interesting option so long as you can afford its $250 price tag.

The Razer Sila is available now worldwide from Razer's online store for $250 (€300).

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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