Realarm alarm clock app for Windows Phone updated with better Cortana support

Realarm is currently our favorite alarm clock app for Windows Phone, and today a new version was released with a bunch of new features and improvements, including better English support for Cortana.

The developer behind the app, Viktor Szekeress, released a major revamp to Realarm in February, bumping the version number to 1.0 with lots of additions and improvements. The latest update brings the version number up to and it has a lengthy change log as well:

  • [NEW] Established webpage with Faq section
  • [NEW] English voice commands reworked to work together with Cortana - see Voice commands page to check out new phrases
  • [NEW] German voice commands
  • [NEW] Voice commands now accept also 24h format to create new alarm
  • [NEW] Added 2 long sounds: Quantum leaper (I'm loving it) and Torchbearer
  • [NEW] Added 2 short sounds with huge pause (perfect for decent notifications)
  • [NEW] Russian translation
  • [NEW] Slovenian translation
  • [NEW] Norwegian translation
  • [NEW] Greek translation
  • [NEW] Ability to rename quick alarm directly on setup page
  • [NEW] Double tap on date in calendar to add new alarm
  • [NEW] Option to remove quick alarms immediately after expiration
  • [FEATURE] All sound files now have faded-in beginnings
  • [FEATURE] Removed today/tomorrow from Quick Alarm and Mute All pages, day is now calculated
  • [FEATURE] Showing day names instead of "days of week" in main list
  • [FEATURE] Alarm is automatically turned on after being saved (just like in native app Alarms)
  • [FEATURE] Date showed in long format in Alarm page
  • [FIX] Spanish translation is now applied also for other countries (e.g. Argentina, Mexico)
  • [FIX] Corrected French translation
  • [FIX] Corrected Dutch translation
  • [FIX] Fixed messagebox showed after "Cancel skip" voice command

Viktor clearly continues to add features to Realarm and we expect to see even more big updates for the app in the future. Thanks to Viktor and everyone else for the tips!

Download Realarm from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

QR: Realarm

John Callaham