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RED. is a badass universal game for Phone and Windows 8 that you should try

I'm a fan of traditional stick shooter + wave games. There's something with anticipating what's coming next, and the classic arcade feel of enemy hordes attacking you that I find satisfying. RED. is a new game from Knife Media in Cape Town, South Africa. It runs for $2.99 with a free trial, but that $2.99 is for both the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 versions. Buy once, buy everywhere. Shout-out for Windows universal apps!

RED. has some impressive 2D/3D graphics, comic book design and one hell of a sense of humor. Toss in some gratuitous gore, and I'll buy it.

The game is described thusly:

"Rick Steele as he battles an invasion of mutants in the city. Using a variety of powerups, abilities and weapons, he will need to fend off hordes of disgusting and furious creatures dead set on consuming everything and everyone in their sight."

Did I mention Rick Steele is a big red cube? Perhaps there's some logic in there, but I don't care. RED. plays like a typical dual-stick shooter, and it's quite a lot of fun to play. The graphics are powered by the UNITY engine, so you should be impressed. The game has powerups and a neat panel-driven story to keep the game interesting.

The Windows 8 version plays well on my Surface Pro 3, but note that on-screen controls are not yet available. Knife Media told me they were adding those on-screen controls for Windows 8 devices "ASAP." That's good for all of you 8-inch tablet players out there who'll want to grab this on the go.

Currently, there's no account needed for RED. but that also means there's no syncing between Phone and PC versions. Perhaps Knife Media will add that so your scores and progress will carry over.

As I said above, the game is $2.99, which gets it for you on both the Phone and PC/Tablet. There's also a free trial, and it is available for 512 MB devices, meaning they nailed everything to make you guys happy.

Check out my hands on video above and give it a spin. Let me know if you enjoy it in comments!


Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Damn!Just spent my last $3 on Rayman:Jungle Run and 9clues(by Artifex Mundi).Not that I'm regretting it or anything but I could have considered buying this one instead of these 2 considering that you're calling this game badass. ;)
  • If I was down to my last $3 I would have either bought some food, or said eff it, and put it all on black.
  • Black is the way to go
  • Black?
  • I'm going to suggest maybe a lemonade stand or mowing some lawns. Men should never have to say they're down to their last X dollars.
  • Hey I'm down to my last free $3 in my Microsoft Account. Thank you Gamestop
  • Lol? I still have $82
  • It's a really great game for phone.
  • Indeed great game thanks Daniel for the heads up!
  • I love game for Phone. 
  • Phoney game.
  • Much fun, so wow, love game for phone
  • Looks fun... but onscreen joysticks just never seem to work very well for me.
  • What are the control options for PC? Xbox controller supported?
  • Spelling mistake in headline... "univeral" :)
  • I don't see it :)
  • Change it back! Now my comment looks silly!
  • For the sake of peace and hapiness: I can see it :)
  • Thank you, now my pride has been restored.
  • Is there no insider news about any new Xbox titles for WP? That's what I'm waiting for. Getting 100% in more and more WP games that doesn't require months of grinding.
  • its like Super Smash TV
  • Hah! Good analogy. Maybe that's why I like it so much...such good memories of that game!
  • Not for me. Tried it but hate on screen controls. Doesn't feel right. They're too sensitive.
  • Please, if I'm buying a twin stick shooter..I will buy Spartan least it comes with Achievements.
  • lol "Achievements" aka about as useful as "Karma" on Reddit. Don't get me wrong, I get people have wants and needs, but let's not act like Achievements are real things. I get it's important to you and that's fine, but as someone who never bats an eye at them, achievement addicts sound completely insane to me. I'm from the age where games were judged on how good a game they were in terms of entertainment, not weird virtual trophies. But I digress, lol.
  • Couldn't agree more :)
  • I agree with you, Daniel.I love achievements as well but I'm not a fanatic. Games should be(and were) played for fun, enjoyment, multiplayer, storyline, graphics, characters etc. Not for virtual achievements that are going to give you headaches and won't even matter.I have 2200 gamerscore even though I just own a WP but do my gaming friends give a damn? No, they are interested in my gaming taste and that's how it was always supposed to be.
    P.S:-^ This comment is my personal opinion and I mean no offence to anyone.I apologise in advance if I already offended someone.
  • I used to agree, but now that I have an Xbox they have become more important to me. His comment was clearly referring to the game's worth to him, not the worth of the game in general. Obviously he games to earn gamer score, therefore he would prefer to spend money on games that provide it. I have found myself also seeking out games with Achievements so I can increase my own gamer score.
  • Well said! And I feel exactly the same! Achievements add to the value and overall experience of a game if you are on Xbox and it's sad to see less and less Xbox titles appear in the Store. RED is a great game though and suddenly I feel proud to be a South African Windows phone evangelist :) hopefully the platform will soon start giving android a run for its money here as its already beaten Apple!
  • I used to love Minigore on iOS. RED. may just fill that void.
  • Well said!
  • Achievements give you incentive to really explore the game and really get your moneys worth out of a game.
  • Back when I first started playing games, most of them could not be beaten.  The object was to get the highest score possible (ala Pac-Man, Centipede, Donky Kong) and to beat your personal best.  I still to this day can pop a quarter in a Ms. Pac-Man game and play for 30-45 minutes, usually claiming the high score.  Love it when I come back to the same place 2 months later and still see my high score on there.  :)
  • Truth. Xbox achievements really make a game better. Don't settle for anything less. #SaveXboxWP
  • I believe it may be time use some of my $25 Microsoft Credit...
  • Thank You Daniel!
  • Moga? No Moga No Buy!
  • Since when is three bucks too much
  • Syncing for games is a must have. At least backing up so if you replace your phone you don't lose your progress (Damn you Hill Climb Racing!).
  • I love Big Finger. 10.675 on Highway!!!!!
  • Great catch, Daniel. The humour's fab! My only gripe is there's no support for Win RT :(
  • Same here... I wonder if they could add ARM support in an update? Maybe if enough of us bug them about it!
  • It doesn't need an account to sync between phone and tablet. Windows roaming storage handles that for the developer.
  • Come want me to believe my two year old phone can play ths, but my Surface 2 can't handle it??? pshhhhh...
  • And I thought it was because I had a Surface probably doesn't run on ARM then. Wait a minute, the phone is ARM.... what's going on here!
  • Yeah...i don't get it.
  • Yeah, I don't get it either... Daniel even said "they nailed everything to make us all happy"! Not even a mention of the lack of ARM support in the article...  :(  <-------Not happy! I bought it for my 1020 anyway... but really hope they add ARM support in an update so I can play it on my Surface 2.
  • Windows Phone runs on ARM, same as RT; I can't figure out why there's no RT love. *sadface*
  • +1020
  • Love the fact that my country is contributing to the Windows Phone ecosystem with awesome developers working hard to publish quality apps on my chosen platform that I love and promote so much! Thank you @Daniel for this, another great tip and review! It feels great to see South Africa actually being mentioned on WPC! Now if only we could get Cortana down here...... :)
  • I want to try it but.. Not enough Storage
  • too bad i cant make a purchase from my country :( it is a really badass game :)
  • Who is the jerk that left the one star rating and no text explaining their score?
  • IDK, but I just left 4 stars and a review explaining my score... Great game, by they need to add ARM support for the 5th star from me! I suggest everyone with an RT tablet email them and ask them to add support... please help keep RT alive guys!
  • Looks like I am the only one who disliked this. I can't really say why. I didn't like the graphics, the controls, the menu. The first looks already made me think "nah, crap. Delete this now"
  • This remind me of Boxhead ! Nice game :D