Redfly Mobile Viewer Beta Released

The idea of the Redfly goes thusly: Take the netbook form factor and then turn your smartphone into that form factor by "tricking' your it into thinking it has a larger screen, full keyboard, and mouse. It's an idea that we've been pretty fond of, but frankly we're not the sort to leave the laptop behind.

Enter Redfly Mobile Viewer, which takes the same basic idea and jettisons the Redfly hardware in favor of an app on your Windows PC. Think SOTI Pocket Controller with an added twist: instead of merely duplicating your smartphone on the PC, it actually convinces Windows Mobile it's running on different hardware.

Actually, never mind the details – the upshot is that you can have a window on your PC that is your smartphone – only enhanced with a 1024x768-sized screen, your PC's keyboard and mouse.  It might just be a nice solution for some Mobile Accomplishers out there who want to keep as much of their work as possible on the smartphone and/or who don't want to bother tethering.

It is a Beta, however, so it's still a little twitchy here and there (see: browsers).  On the bright side, Redfly has announced compatibility with 18 more smartphones and also sped up its software a bit.

The Beta is free and just might be worth a shot. Learn more over at

Update: Phil takes the Mobile Viewer for a spin after the break.

Howdy, folks. Hijacking Dieter's post here.

So here's the skinny: You're going to have to download two pieces of software to get all this up and running. You'll need the Mobile Viewer beta application for your PC, and you'll need the basic Redfly drivers for your phone. You can get them both here. Doesn't matter in which order you load them, but your phone will do a soft-reset after loading the drivers.

As advertised and as stated above, you connect your phone and, presto, your Windows Phone is displayed nicely on a desktop PC. (It's all working fine on my Windows 7 beta and Moto Q9h.) From there you can tool around your phone with the mouse and keyboard, though you're stuck using the Redfly Today screen (just as you are with the Redfly mobile companion). Being able to make calls is a nice addition.

All in all, I like this a little better than My Mobiler (though I miss being able to take screen shots and video). With Mobile Viewer you've got a larger screen (hell, I ran it full-screen just to do it), but you do lose your own Today Screen, and Dieter's right -- browsing definitely is iffy. You also get a warning up front that this is a 60-day trial, and we'll have to see how Mobile Viewer is priced once the beta expires.

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  • I am running this on my Xperia and WinXP machine, and get my own today screen. Nice being able to send texts and reply from my own device without having to pick up the device.
  • Links aren't working...April Fools??
  • ??? They were moving around a bit earlier but all work for me now. Which one are you having trouble with?
  • Ok, they're working for me now.
  • Their links are still moving around. There's only one page that even says anything about Mobile Viewer and links circularly to itself. Are they trying to bait and switch people to the Redfly?
  • Anyone have a problem getting this working. I installed the drivers on the phone reset it. Installed the software on my pc. Connected the phone to the pc using usb and mobile device center came up and when I launched the redfly software the connect button was not grayed out but i click it and it tries for like 30 seconds then says cant connect to phone. Are there any settings i have to set up on the phone?
  • @driazen ,
    1)Make sure you have installed the REDFLY phone driver on your smartphone. Find it at
    2) Verify your phone is plugged into your PC with a USB cable.
    3) Check to see if ActiveSync (for Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista) is installed on your PC. You need this installed in order for the Mobile Viewer to run.If not, you can download the appropriate program free from Microsoft at
    4) Make sure you
  • Yup checked all that. I was going to call support but because I'm using their free beta viewer and not a paid for red-fly i didn't want to bother them. I just figured it would be a cool app but if it doesn't work now now big deal. Thanks for the tips.
  • Got it, but mine's only working over USB (and poorly). It's set up and ported correctly for Bluetooth, but no deal. Anyhow, neat idea. They really ought to offer a native resolution mode for programs that are coded to render at fixed resolutions in WinMo.
  • driazen, Had the same problem with and HTC6800, sent and email and got a very quick reply, item #1 fixed my issue. Here's the email:
    "Thank you for your email. I have a couple of things for you to try and let me know what happens. 1) On the phone, go to: Start> Settings> Connections> USB to PC
    See if the "Enable Advanced Networking Functionality" box is checked. If it is not, it needs to be checked in order to connect to the REDFLY Software. 2) On the PC, find the ActiveSync (Green Circle with white arrows). Right click and go to Connection Settings. Make sure the "Allow Wireless Connection" box is checked. 3) If the above two do not help, you will need to go to your PC's Windows Firewall, and allow the wireless connection to take place. Some PC's turn this off automatically. If these do not make a difference, please let me know. Thanks,
    Troy Troy L Beagley | Customer Support | REDFLY" Hope that helps! larrupin