Registration for the Microsoft Build 2012 opens up with new Windows Phone logo [Update: Sold out]

Update: We hope you reserved early because within one hour, Microsoft's BUILD event has sold out. 

Microsoft has today opened up registration for its Build 2012 developer event, which is to be held on October 30th. Set to be held at Microsoft's HQ in Redmond, Washington, the event will cover not only the upcoming Windows 8, but also Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012, and Visual Studio 2012.

Pricing for Build 2012 will set attendees back by $2,095 for a standard pass (first 500 registrations can apply for 'early bird' passes priced at $1595), while a limited number of academic spots are going for $995. 

As well as the actual registration for Build 2012, the new Windows Phone logo is featured on the homepage alongside other Microsoft products that are being covered at the event.

As previously unveiled, the company has transitioned from the orb, to the squared tile, and now we're sporting the same logo as Windows to represent the unity between the two platforms. We're expecting to see some interesting announcements made at Build 2012 and will showing our faces on the floor. As well as soaking up the atmosphere we'll be relaying all details that are released, so be sure to tune in on the day.

Source: Microsoft Build (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I don't think Microsoft is going to survive in the smartphone category. When things fail, they just start making unnecessary changes instead of major improvements. I can't wait to get rid of this piece of crap. And no. Im not trolling. Its my opinion.
  • 'unneccessary changes' like what?  I'd say those 'unnecessary changes' are the major improvements that people have been asking for.  Without making those changes the platform just stagnates. 
  • It's just a mindless troll, don't overexamine it. He sees Windows Phone market share growing significantly while BlackBerry, Symbian and iOS are dropping and he's pissing himself. Clearly all of these changes were unnecessary: Supporting the Windows NT core, native code, DirectX, supporting NFC, the built-in wallet functionality, making Nokia maps standard, supporting multi-core SoCs, external memory slots, HD display support, recompiling all existing WP7 apps to run faster, extending large/small live tiles to all apps, adding OTA updates, upgrading browser to IE10, etc. Such unnecessary changes. LOL.  
  • +1
  • +10
  • What's stooping you ? I had an Android for a couple of months which I thought was a piece of crap and ditched it right away, didn't post a single post on a droid forum.
  • LOL your not trolling.
    Your opinion is crap. gtfo
  • Lol yes, just because my opinion isn't the same as yours, its crap. You can all pretend to be happy with your phones im not. We have the crappiest apps, updates are slow, I have a second generation windows phone and I only get one major update? How awesome is that! Also, Facebook mobile has been down for over a month for windows phones. NO HELP YET.
  • Facebook mobile works fine on my HD7 whenever I go use it which is rare. Pathetic that you have to make things up to validate yourself
  • I can prove to you Facebook mobile for windows phones is not working for TONS of people. So shut the fuck up.
  • And I can prove to you that it works for me.
  • Then you're lucky.
  • No you're just delusional
  • yeah fb works fine for me as well i think your just having bad luck but your user experience and those of a few people around dont generalize the experience as a whole. i understand your frustration but knocking the platform doesnt solve anything.
  • No, it's that your unlucky
  • Both the integrated FB (Me tile) and the FB app are working perfectly. The website works too. I haven't heard of any current issues, so I don't know why it's affecting you
  • Hmmm... So I pretend to like my phone? I realize you are bitter, but don't claim things you can't prove. I just sent a message to a friend using the Facebook app so I don't really know what you're talking about. Besides, you can use the People Hub to bypass Facebook apps anyway. It's also quite apparent that you are making lots of unproven assumptions, which only further hurts tour case for being a troll. What platform sees more than one yearly update? If you have the iPhone 4 or older or iPad, you're getting less than the equivalent of WP 7.8... which we still only know the features it is not getting for sure are those that are hardware related. I don't think it's even worth commenting on the nightmare that is Android updates... People are only now receiving last years update, and a small minority at that.
    My wife just downloaded a dozen of the 50 best apps on iOS based on a PC World article. Other than a running app I've never looked into and a banking app I asked her delete because I don't trust mobile banking, I had something equal or better for free (you lose your phone, you just gave away all your banking info...not going to misplace a desktop or a laptop that you never move).
  • It's funny how you felt the need to state that you "wasn't" trolling.....yes you are :P sorry but you missed your turn...troll boulevard was a few streets back by Apple square across from Android Lane.
  • I use to love my phone. Now its just crap the entire OS. Im tired of being left behind. So yeah. Its my choice and I can express it if I want to.
  • "I'm tired of being left behind" is code for "I'm still irrationally pissed about current handsets not getting upgraded to WP8". Nothing to see here. Please, by all means, go buy an Android phone and let us know in 6 months how your upgrade story is going. :p
  • ;-)
  • I support Annaba, I dont believe he/she is trolling. It's a fair valid opinion. I am a very hard core windows phone supporter but they are coming out with some unecessary changes. They should focus on getting the updates out more quickly and trying to get it on par with other OS.
  • such as OTA updates ... those are coming in WP8 ;-)
  • I couldn't care less if a guy/gal likes WP or not, just find it odd the expression "can't wait to get rid of this piece of crap", it just doesn't go along with the bs "unnecessary changes" (what changes the article speaks of? The logo!). And anyone who is not telling just change ecosystem, I'm sure he/she won't be missed. It's a phone, it's not a house, or a wife.
  • then tell us what are the unneccessary changes and explain why u think the annoncements so far and leaks are not getting on par with other os?
    opinion is one thing, being a troll is another, and spitting stuff out with out backing it up with the an explanation is considered trolling
  • I have indeed found a very unnecessary change.
    rebranding zune and changing that app to an ugly silver from the Xbox division.
  • Who said it was going to stay silver once you start listening to music? What a ridiculous complaint.
  • Really? LOL what does that have to do with a uncessary change? Zune branding is weak you put Music and brand it with Xbox = a bigger hit.
  • OK, fair enough... can you give some examples of what you think are "unnecessary" changes?
  • Thank you!
  • Updates out quickly? You tell that to Google or the Android oems. Guess the percentage of Android phones that have received ics since Google launched it?
  • Both you and AnnaBa1 seem to be claiming that a logo change is 'unnecessary' and therefore they are somehow neglecting adding new features or updates while they do it?! Flawed logic is flawed. Perhaps you guys have heard of WP7.8 and WP8 coming out in 2 months?
  • Definitely a troll...He mentions MS is making unnecessary changes but didn't bother to name any.
  • The only "unnecessary change" he can be referring to is the logo change. Of course they have to stop hundreds of developers from adding WP features while the web guys make a logo change. /sarcasm
  • Are you really that upset over the logo change? Sheeshh...
  • Looks like trolling to me
  • Be quiet biotch we all know your using an crappy iPhone or your battery earring android. WP is best.
  • HTC Radar actually.
  • Then take the time to explain yourself. If your carrier is blocking updates then this very site has showed you how to update your Radar. Have an adult conversation about your position or don't state it at all.
  • I'm also using HTC Radar and find it really good. Since you consider it "crap", you can send to me and I'll exchange it with another piece of real crap which you might enjoy since it's Android: the Samsung Galaxy Y.
  • I love my Radar. Everything works flawless. Though would appreciate more memory. You FB ordeal, are you sure you know how to use FB on WP? Do you know how to use WP period?
  • The app sucks. And it you go read the help section of Facebook you can find tons of window phone users who keep getting "connection error" and whatever ITS MY OPINION!! WP isn't for me anymore. I can say as I please.
  • I hope you read this. I recently discovered this. Set website preference as desktop in settings. Mobile Facebook works but not Facebook touch. I hope this helps.
  • I can also say "The sky is green! It's my opinion!!" but that doesn't make it either correct or free from criticism.
  • When you call it a "piece of crap" then that tells me you really are trolling because your on a WP fan site even though you hate the platform.  Also you ignore all the major changes they have announced for WP8.  Even if your stuck on contract, there are plenty of sub $200 Android phones you can choose from if you cannot stand using windows phone.
  • Jane, you ignorant slut!
  • Dafuq?
  • Wonder if they'll give devs anything this year, maybe an Apollo phone instead of a Windows 8 tablet.
  • Surface Pro? Lumia WP8? Maybe even both...
  • i think surface RT and a lumia wp8
  • All they'll get is a rock... ;-)
  • Yeah, there will be some giveaways...they'll want to get the new hardware in the hands of the devs as soon as possible. High price with a small venue is a recipie for a few suprises I'm sure. Definitely excited for surface and the new wp8 nokia harware, so I'm hoping to get or at least play with one or both. I'm still wary on windows 8 for desktop, so I need a lot of convincing there. But I'm already sold on Azure, been using it for a while now and absolutely love the new tooling and features.
  • I should hope so, the price of registration is whooooo! =s
  • Why are you wary about W8 desktop? It's still there?
  • I'm going.. got the earlybird rate.. now to find a hotel. Anyone know if they are providing shuttles from the hotels?
  • I'm wondering the same thing myself.  If anything, I think that area is suppose to have some decent bus transportation.
  • its already sold out :d
  • Guess no one read the first post. :D
  • i did read the troll post but i didn't care that much about his opinion 
  • i dont think their rebranding is not needed, on the contrary this is the fresh new look at microsoft people need, they are bringing good design with solid functions and thats exactly what we need more than anything.
  • You guys are obsessing over a
  • +1
  • Is that all you got out of the article? You seriously got issues
  • I don't understand how wpcentral has trolls? Its a dedicated windows phone site. In the recent months I've found that I'm drifting away from the verge/ Engadget and coming here first for that reason, and also their biased reporting. I'm too excited for Nokia word and build 2012. My bank account is going to hate me :(
  • Hahaha just registered for early bird. Can't wait go see wp8 and try it out. Wonder people wish they can afford to go lol
  • I got in on the early bird too. it was sold out in minutes and those who took their time on the survey lost out on it (paid extra 500$). and it turns out you can edit those survey answers later anyway.
    If you include hotel/flight costs, it's more like 2500$ (that's probably the low end, I know some will be flying in from down under and UK/Europe) and it still sold out very quickly.
    that's too much for those who just want the swag. it's also too much if you just want the content (and videos will be available 24 hours later online)
    but if you want to do networking, everyone will be there (and then of course, you still get the swag and the learning...)
  • I wasn't sold on the logo, but I see that windows server has the same logo as well. I guess it makes more sense since they all share the same kernel. Maybe having a different color scheme for each would help some. But how awesome would it have been that if each one of the rectangles was made of different sized tiles, like the small, medium and double wide?
  • You're definitely gonna have to provide a graphic example =P
  • Lmao, I might draw it then scan it, but I'm no graphic designer
  • big tile on top, regular size on the left and four small ones as a square on the right... might be a little too busy. also, that new tile size (small one) is only on wp8 at the moment
  • I don't think that's all he got but people certainly are.
  • If you can't backup your statement your a troll simple as that.
  • I agree with winfan1.
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