Report: Businesses are adopting Windows 10 twice as fast as Windows 8

Businesses like Windows 10. That's according to analyst Peter Tsai at Spiceworks, who estimates that 18 percent of businesses have upgraded to Windows 10 after six months, compared against just 9.3 percent for Windows 8 in the same time period. North America appears to be leading the worldwide surge with the report detailing 19.3 percent of businesses in the U.S. making the jump.

The research company last year reported that around 40% of IT professionals predicted they'd upgrade to Windows 10 within a year. While 18 percent falls short at the half-way mark to the 365 days target, it's still a solid start by Microsoft's latest desktop OS.

Windows 10

"Windows 10 devices are present in more medium and large businesses than in smaller companies. For example, the penetration rate among companies with more than 500 people (31%) is three times as high as the rate at companies with 50 or less employees (10%). This could be because larger companies tend to have more devices on their networks, and a corresponding higher probability that one of those devices will run Windows 10."

As well as analyzing the size of companies upgrading to Windows 10, Spiceworks also looked at how different industries rank against one another when it comes to the adoption rate after 6 months. Unsurprisingly, software was named champion at 28.2 percent, but manufacturing, energy, construction and government weren't far behind on 22.6 percent, 20.9 percent, 20.6 percent and 20.3 percent respectively.

The data looks solid, but there's certainly still a long way to go. When taking into account the total number of devices reportedly running Windows 10 (according to Microsoft figures), businesses make up just 11 percent. There's still time for the Windows 10 train to pick up speed in the corporate sector, especially with the free upgrade still underway.

Check out the full report by Spiceworks

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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