Resco Explorer 2010 Beta 3 Released

Resco, creator of several quality applications for Windows Mobile including Resco Photo Manager and Contact Manager, has announced in our forums that the Beta 3 version of Resco Explorer 2010 has been released.

Resco Explorer is a File Manager that is packed with features. Explorer offers a number of tools to improve navigation such as touch optimization, search functionality, and favorites. Advanced file features such as FTP, Network Browsing, and encryption are some of the more complex functionality you can expect to find in Explorer.

If you like to have total control over your files, hit up Resco (or preferably our Software Store) for the full lowdown on what Resco Explorer offers you. To play with the beta version, visit the thread our forums.

Phil Nickinson

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  • It is working excellent with recso photo viewer 7.01, although when I press on image it takes 2sec to open image in resco photo viewer, also when I open image in folder where are few images I can only view that one, so i need to exit photo viewewr to open other image in same folder!
  • Thanks for the excellent program with recso photo view and I would like to add the program Resco File Explorer 2010 beta 3 [ video view ] and works Video open with Another program.
    And wish you success
  • I've been a long time user of Resco products, right back to my very first iPaq PocketPC. If anyone is on the fence about whether this is something they should or shouldn't get their hands on... I can assure it you knocks every other file manager for WM out of the ring, without even blinking!!!