Respawn Entertainment addresses feedback from Titanfall 2's recent tech test

I wrote up some thoughts and feelings based on the game's recent Tech Test, designed to stress out Titanfall 2's server infrastructure and gather feedback on a very early version of the game. I'm not a fan of the game's new Titan battery gameplay mechanics, the increased penalties to movement, and the apparent pivot to more open, ground-based maps. Even though I enjoyed Titanfall 2 overall, across social media opinions on Titanfall 2's 'updated' formula were mixed at best, leaning a little towards the negative side.

Titanfall 2 game designer Steven DeRose dropped an extensive blog post on the game's official website, detailing the ways Respawn Entertainment are going to address the considerable amount of feedback the team has been receiving.

For more detail on why Respawn Entertainment made some of the changes they did, make sure to check out their full post over here, but the key points are as follows.

  • We'll be tuning air speed and wall-running speed to be faster.
  • Players should once again accumulate and retain more speed when chaining wall runs.
  • Pilots will once again acquire a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds.
  • Titan dashes will recharge faster.
  • We'll be showcasing more maps over the next couple weeks on our website, including more traditional Titanfall maps.
  • We're going to bring in the fade distance for enemy outlines, so they don't reveal pilots at extreme distances.

Respawn said that they slowed the game down to increase the 'predictability' of combat, claiming that death often felt the result of random chaos, rather than skill in Titanfall 1. The goal was to improve gunplay, rather than reduce movement speed. They said the next Tech Test would improve upon the momentum you can gather while chaining parkour abilities together, limiting dampening factors on things like repeatedly jumping.

When it comes to Titan gameplay, Respawn said the battery mechanics — which forces players to hunt for batteries to give friendly Titans shields — were designed to reward teamwork. Rather than remove the system, they want to monitor how it performs when players have full access to it. As I speculated in my feedback article, various aspects of Titanfall 2 are balanced around abilities we don't yet have access to, according to Respawn Entertainment.

Stephen DeRose closed the article by encouraging players to leave even more feedback when the Tech Test returns this Friday on Xbox One.

Thanks again very much for participating in the first weekend of the Tech Test. We're looking forward to hearing from more of you this weekend, as these tests are amazingly helpful in ensuring we have a successful launch. As you can see, your feedback is already being heard and impacting the final game.

Are you encouraged by these changes? Do they go far enough? Let us know in the comments.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • All they had to do was add a campaign mode and maybe tweak the multiplayer, now its a shell of it's former self. Looks like I'm going to have too cancel my pre order like many others.
  • I know a lot of you like campaigns, but is there anyone else there like me that never plays the campaigns and only exclusively plays online?
  • I often prefer campaign play over online play so I don't like the move away from campaign play for some games. I also hate how the Industry has basically eliminated local multiplayer options. You shouldn't have to tell your friends to go home in order to play a game with you.
  • Agreed! It's basically ruined multiplayer for me. And I hate that they use the excuse that "it's a better experience" when in reality it's their way of forcing each person to buy a console, game, and live subscription instead of one console, one game, and multiple contollers Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I personally enjoy campaigns, but like the option to play online. I enjoy campaigns because I can go at my own pace and not worry about grinding for whatever items. But I do really enjoy team-based gameplay in general at the same time. That's why games like Left 4 dead 2 and Dota 2 appeal to me because I can just do a quick game when I have spare time. 
  • Campaigns are nice, but any FPS's campaign will always play second fiddle to the online multiplayer. Most campaigns are there just so the developer can say the game had a campaign Lol I'd rather have a "great" fully online multiplayer game than a half baked campaign and a so so multiplayer experience. When it comes to FPS games, I couldn't care any less for a campaign.
  • I always get the single player campaign finished first then concentrate on the online aspect...
  • It is definitely not a shell of its former self, and I think they have improved on the core mechanics and the game is so freaking fun, I love that you have to work for your titan, in the first game far too many players would camp out for the timer and only start playing when their titan was in play, now they have to work for it which is awesome. What about the alpha didn't you like I mean its not a complete game so there isn't much to go on but what were your gripes with it?
  • I had fun playing the alpha. Definitely felt different, but the big thing for me is it didnt feel as smooth as the original. Frame rate maybe? I know this is early, but did anyone else feel this way?
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the first game. Unfortunately I didn't get time to play the alpha but will definitely test the game on the next test. I do however think that players that reached certain levels of skill levels should be rewarded in some way on TF 2... By skill level I mean the different rank chip tiers, gold, platinum and diamond etc. And reading the feedback it seems as though the games a step in the wrong direction. I wouldn't mind if it was titanfall one with new guns, modes and maps. I loved the way the game played. It was fast paced, required a certain level of skill but was still open to people who had never played and FPS before. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The biggest thing for me, is it was SMOOTH. So many of these games have worried so much about everything else that the framerate and the way the game handles is clunky. Titan fall was one of the smoothest games in a long time.
  • I've been playing Titanfall since it came out, I only play about 4-5 hours a week now.  I have it on PC and Xbox 360.  I prefer PC, it looks a lot nicer and runs smooth.  I just had surgery so this past weekend all I did was play the Alpha release and it was awesome.  And I might add that it was smoother on the PS4 than the Xbox One, which is a shame.  It was so good on the PS4 that I may just get it on console instead of PC this time around.   My complaints were: 1) It was too hard to kill a pilot out of a Titan while you were in a Titan.  You could shoot at him/her several times before killing them with huge Titan guns.  On the flip side it was nice not to die so easily on accident when running through a Titan battle from street to building, by them walking backwards and you hitting the back of their leg while jumping.  (happens a lot in TF1) 2) Was way to difficult to take down a Titan from Rodeo.  You would have to survive jumping on the back of a Titan 5 times before he came down.  In TF1 I could do it in two Rodeo's, so if they made it 3-4 that would be good, but 5 is ridiculous. (thats if you were the only one attacking the Titan) 3) Was way to easy to take down a Titan with another Titan.  These battles should last longer, I don't mind it taking longer to get your Titan, but then you get into a battle with another one and it's over too soon. It's different and I love that.  Like I said I've been playing ever since it came out and need some differences to keep me playing.  Can't wait for this weekend to play some more.
  • I would love them to introduce a real challenge mode where as you gain skill you lose weapons and abilities. The result would be a mode where the best players would be consistently challenged, and noobies could be competitive right away. The honors would go to the best players with the least Equipment.
  • Going by what they've said they're going to do I think most people will be happy with the game. Glad they've taken all this feedback on board.
  • Something that bugged me on tf1, was invisibility with the string like gun. Lol that always made me die haha
  • Is TF2 still using the Source engine? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I believe so.
  • A nice game with lovely graphic but it was in spanish by default since a while so I couldn't play it at all.
  • Odd was that because of a region things? I didn't have that problem
  • I am loving this game and can see myself spending hours in the multiplayer, I think I'm a bit different when it comes to the battery mechanic, I love that it pushes you towards team play, there were so many times where I saved a team mates much from destruction by picking up a battery which allowed them to take out the enemy.