Review: HTC Wired Remote Control Headset

While the availability of Bluetooth headsets with stereo capability is growing, some still like the wired versions better. For those HTC users who prefer the wired approach and want more functionality with their headsets, HTC offers the Wired Remote Control Stereo Headphones which not only offers you a stereo headset but also remote controls to allow you to keep your phone holstered while you enjoy listening to music files as well as controlling basic phone controls.

Follow the break to see how the HTC wired headset performed both as an audio device and a remote control.

The Low-Down

The HTC Wired Remote Control is a two-piece unit. The first being the remote control itself that plugs into the mini-USB port of the Fuze. The controller allows you to answer/end calls, activate voice dialing as well as control the media player (play/stop/forward/reverse/volume controls). The buttons functioned crisply and was very responsive.

The controller is fitted with a 3.5mm headphone jack that can accommodate your favorite set of headphones or you can use the set of earphones that come with the controller. HTC packages the controller with a set of stereo ear buds (the second piece of the puzzle) but if you'd like to substitute them with, say, the i-harmonix pro headsets you can.


Bottom line: The HTC Remote Control does what it's suppose to do and does it well. It allows you to remotely control your phone and media player without the need to take it out of a holster, case, cradle or purse. The controller unit can clip onto a shirt, jacket or pocket. I was able to clip it mid-way up my shirt and the microphone picked up my voice really well.

What I didn't like was the excess cord. You've got about three feet between the controller and phone then whatever length is present with the headphones. Using the included ear-buds, from mini-USB connection to the tip of the ear-buds comes close to six feet.

There's enough cord present to allow me to attach my HTC Fuze to my ankle and have the ear-buds reach my ears easily.  When the Fuze is in my belt case, there's plenty of cord to clip the controller to my shirt and wear the headphones easily. You will have a good bit of cord dangle that can get in the way.

Overall Impression

The control aspect of the HTC wired headset is really nice. The Remote Controller puts a degree of functionality to your stereo headphones. The key issue with the HTC Wired Remote is the amount of wire that it has. You could probably cut a foot of cord off of the phone connection side of the remote and still have plenty of reach.

Personally, after using the wired remote for a few days, I was ready to go back to the wireless world. But, if you prefer the wired options and want more control with your headphones, the HTC Wired Remote Stereo Headphones might be worth a look.

Overall: 3.5/5

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ProsGood Sound QualityEasy to Use ControlsConsAbundant amount of cord can be cumbersome

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  • This thing was a pain to use. The controls only worked with the HTC media player or WMP. You can use it to listen with other media players, like CorePlayer or PocketPlayer, but not control them. The control-box thing itself is big, and heavy... headphones constantly fall out of your ears when in use... forget jogging with these :(
  • I use this to listen to music while snowboarding. The phone is in a zippered chest pocket. The cord to the control runs up my sleeve and the control clips onto strap on the back of my glove next to my Forerunner 305 GPS (which has has had the band removed and also attached to the strap on the back of my glove). Unlike the reviewer, I actually wish it were about a foot longer so I could put the phone in an interior pocket a little lower on my body. The phonephones then thread back up the sleave to my helmet where they are wedged into my ear flaps. Benji's complaint about the weight seems a little silly. You clip it onto something and it won't drag your headphones out of your ear. Or is benji streaking? ROTFL!! I have two cons with this adapter. First, the buttons are too flat. Even without bare fingers, it's necessary to look at it to find the button to push. Second, it doesn't work with the three way adapter (the reason for combining the two would be to be able to charge the phone while using the hands free setup, otherwise I would just plug headphones into the three way adapter).
  • I need to kno if it works for the Pr??
  • no sir -- this is designed to work with HTC devices that use EXTUSB instead of standard 3.5 - Dieter
  • PRICE!?!?!
  • You can find this on eBay for around $25 - if I remember correctly. It does only work w/ WMP BUT there is an "HTC WMP Player Control Plug-in" in the latest update of Core Player. I wonder if that makes this dongle work w/Core. I'll try it out when I get home and report back...that is if I can find the damn thing.
  • Great thing. Thanks for sharing.
  • Features:
    *The E100 includes 3.5mm stereo earphones or use your own!
    *Voice dial support
    *Last number redial support
    *Volume buttons
    *Music control buttons
    *Play/Pause button
    *Forward/Backward buttons for music playback or FM channel selection
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  • I purchased the remote and use some Phillips over-the-ear headphones that I pack around in my bag. The music is loud enough to overcome external noise and the remote works great. the mic. is built into the control box, so any headphones work with it. It's pretty durable and controls both the HTC music player and the Windows Media player. One annoyance is that you must manually fire up WMP. Then it can be controlled. It controls the volume as well. I haven't monkeyed much with using it in conjunction with the FM radio yet. My ultimate plan is to make my phone my car A/V controller and wire a remote into the car. I use Waze as my GPS utility and it makes the phone completely functional as a turn-by-turn NAV system. I like and recommend the remote for anyone wanting more of a pur MP3 player control for when the phone is in their pocket.