Review: Jabra BT2080

The Bluetooth headset market is at the point where it gets very hard to determine what headset fits your needs perfectly. Price, build quality, fit/comfort and sound quality all come into play when shopping for your headset.

A quick search of this site will reveal numerous reviews of Jabra headsets, all with different advantages. But let's not forget the entry-level headset. Inexpensive products with quality features can be hard to come by in a space dominated by expensive devices loaded with features that many people would never use. Jabra’s BT2080 falls in this niche, offering a headset for $39.95.

To see what features are offered in this little headset, follow the link.


Jabra put some nice elements into the BT2080. The ear hooks (there are 2 different sizes included in the package) are of the thin, wire-like variety. The ear gels are fairly standard, except that they are very rubbery and actually grip inside your ear somewhat to prevent the headset from slipping. This is especially handy when using the headset without the ear hooks; which is doable, but I prefer using the hook.

Four buttons are dispersed on the various face of the headset. A dedicated power button is on the inside of the headset. The two volume buttons are on the bottom face when worn on the right ear, which is a minor source of irritation to me as I keep feeling for them on the top. The call button is in its standard position on the outside of the headset.

This headset is as comfortable as you could ask for. It is lightweight, with good curves and a variety of interchangeable pieces that allow you to customize the headset to your ear.

My favorite feature is one that we’ve seen from Jabra before with the BT4010. The inside of the headset contains indicators to quickly and easily communicate your battery level and connection status.


Call quality is about what you would expect from a lower-end headset. Jabra didn’t add anything in the way of noise cancellation, though the BT2080 does support EDR and eSCO for the best Bluetooth connection possible.


For the price, this headset does everything an entry level user could expect. If you’ve been using Bluetooth headsets for a while, you will probably be disappointed with the sound quality. This would be perfect for a first-time user looking to get their ear wet, as it were.


Jabra knows its headsets. The BT2080 is a good balance between quality and price, which makes it perfect for entry-level users. If you’re looking for a headset for a first-time user, your search is over. Whether it’s for you or as a gift, head on over to the WMExperts Store for your BT2080. 

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 4Quality: 3Value: 4Overall: 4/5 ProsGreat build for priceEasy to use features are perfect for first-time userConsLow-end price is reflected in lack of noise cancellation.
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