Review: Mobliza and Buzzword Baby

Windows Marketplace for mobile has been around for a few months now and developers small and large have contributed to help stock the Marketplace's shelves. The Auri Group, one such developer, offers two apps in the Marketplace that focus on SMS or text messages. Mobliza 1.2 and Buzzword Baby are two utilities that may come in handy if you rely on text messages on a daily basis or are at a loss for words.

Mobliza is an automated texting tool that comes in handy when your busy or just don't want to deal with texting. Buzzword Baby is a simple app that generates buzz words or phrases.

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Mobliza ($1.99 at the Marketplace) is an automated answering system for your text messages that goes beyond the typical "I'm away from the phone" boiler plate response. When activated, Mobliza captures and responds to all incoming text messages.

You have three settings to choose from with this application; Auto, Away and Mobliza. Away is the default setting and here is where you enter your automated response. There is a series of codes you can use to include the date, time and sender's name in your automated response. The Away tab also has a log of conversations.

The Auto setting allows the application try to reply and hold conversations with incoming texts. The Mobliza setting allows you to dictate how the app responds to the text message based on the contact sending the message. By entering text in the Notes section of your contacts, you can tell Mobliza how to handle incoming messages from that particular contact. You can choose to ignore, send the "away" response or use the Auto setting.

To get Mobliza started in responding to your messages, simply tap on the enable box in the Away or Auto tabs. Mobliza will run in the background and to disable it, you either have to un-check the box or choose "exit" from the application's menu. I found Mobliza to be very stable with the only blip noticed was the "+" and "-" sign appearing on other tabs when it shouldn't. The Help Tab gives you a good amount of information and if you need more help, there is a Mobliza website for additional support.

Mobliza's navigation does take a little getting used to but I see where the app can be useful to those who rely heavily on text messaging. If you find yourself in situations where you can't respond to them but don't feel good about ignoring them, Mobliza might be a solution to consider.

Buzzword Baby

Ever have a loss for words? Buzzword Baby is here to help. It's a free application through the Marketplace and has an endless, non-repeating supply of buzz words and phrases. The app will allow you to copy the phrase to your clipboard so you can paste it to documents, emails or text messages.

If you have writers block and need some inspiration, Buzzword Baby offers a facilitated proactive methodology for removing those blocks. Need to impress your boss in a report? Buzzword Baby is an expandable incremental notion that may put a little spark in those documents.

Buzzword Baby is about as simple an application as you can find. It was very stable and while I generate a hundred or so buzz words, I did not experience any repeat phrases. Again, it's a free application through the Marketplace so you won't loose anything by giving it a try.

Overall Impressions

I think the Auri Group has put together to useful apps with Mobliza and Buzzword Baby. However, these two apps aren't for everyone.

Mobliza is more focused on power SMS users and while moving around the application takes a little getting used to, you have a very good level of support (in-house Help and website support).

Buzzword Baby is a simple, straight forward source of buzz words and phrases. It's free and might help you out when you need to find a unique way of saying things. I like the option to copy the phrase to your clipboard to make using the phrase more convenient.

Phil Nickinson

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