Review - Monoy Frosted Slim Matte Hard Cover Case for the Lumia Icon

Another day, another case review for you Lumia Icon owners (or potential owners). Today’s case is from Monoy and it falls into the light protection category. That means it’s thin and won’t add much in weight, but you’re also getting mostly cosmetic protection. Still, that can mean a lot after a single drop.

Running for around $9, you can’t accuse the Monoy of being too expensive. It comes in four colors, including metallic blue, champagne, wine red and black. The case is described as being matte, and it is, but it’s also a slightly slippery at the same time due to it being so smooth.

The Monoy has ample cutouts for all the buttons, speakers and ports on the Lumia Icon and my only complaint would be scratches: the case itself is prone to them due to it have such a smooth finish. That’s not a reason to not get this case, just something you may be interested in in case you don’t prefer some hairline scratches.

The cases raises slightly around the display, to keep it from touching a surface if you were to place the Icon face down.

For protection, you’re probably looking at mostly cosmetic. One drop and you may lose this case. But you probably also saved yourself from getting a ding in the metal band on the Icon, and at $9 that’s a fair trade off.

The Monoy will also work with the Qi wireless charging, not interfering with that functionality, so no worries if you use that. Simply place the cover on, put the Icon on a Qi charger and it acts no differently than without the case.

Overall, I like the Monoy. It’s cheap, came with a screen protector and I like the colors, which I think contribute to the Icon’s elegance. It’s easily the thinnest and lightest case I’ve come across yet for the Icon, so that may persuade you one or another.

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Daniel Rubino

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