Review: Motorola MOTOROKR S305

The quest continues. I’ve tested Bluetooth Headphones from Sony, Jabra and a couple from Motorola; all of which have pros and cons. The perfect Bluetooth headphones for me would be comfortable to wear for an extended period of time while having the weight distributed in a way that would allow for activity without having wires running different directions.

Motorola has made a number of successful Bluetooth  headphones. The S9 model and its successor, the S9-HD both insert into the ears with a band that wraps behind the head. The S7 model has a slightly different design with only a wire going behind the head and the earpieces hooking over the ear. Motorola’s S305 are my next target and is something of a cross between the two form factors. Featuring an over-the-ear design combined with the wrap-around style, the S305 combines some of the best features in each of Motorola’s other models.

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Fit and design was where I had the most issue with the previous models, and that's where the S305 stands out. The S305 has a band that wraps behind the head in a similar fashion to the S9 and S9-HD; the major difference is the weight distribution. The S305 band is lightweight while the earpieces house the battery and such without adding excessive bulk or affecting comfort at all.


I find that better sound is achieved with earpieces that fit inside the ear and form a good seal; however this often has a negative impact on the comfort side of things. The S305 gives exceptional comfort but does sacrifice a little bit in the sound department. Technologically, all the pieces are in place, it’s just hard to keep the sound from essentially leaking out when that seal isn’t formed. That said, if you’re a true audiophile, you probably wouldn’t be using A2DP anyway as it can’t reproduce the sound quality that you can get from wired headphones. The bottom line is that the sound that the S305’s put out is more than enough for most people, and if you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for sound quality there are some better options out there.

When used as a hands-free device, call quality is respectable as long as you aren’t in an excessively noisy environment. I would not recommend that this be used as your primary hands-free device, but it is good enough to use if you get a call while you’re listening to your music.


Eureka! This is a pair of A2DP-capable headphones that I’m going to hold onto for a while. The blend of comfort, wearability, sound quality and just plain coolness makes for a winning combination. The fact that the $49.95 price tag is very competitive doesn’t hurt either. If you’re looking for a pair of Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, the Motorola S305 should be at the top of your list.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 5Sound: 4Overall: 4.5/5 ProsExtremely comfortableNo weight distribution issuesDecent SoundConsFairly expensive for a pair of headphones
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