Review - Nillkin Ultra Slim Case for the Nokia Lumia1520

I’ve taken a look at quite a few cases for the massive Nokia Lumia 1520, but a new one available from Nillkin has won my heart. Running for $10 and coming in white, brown, black or red, the case is not only a good value but has some great features to make it a worthy slim case for you giant Lumia 1520.

Check out the video review and some high resolution photos to see why this case is a great choice for your Nokia.

The Nillkin has, in my opinion, three advantages over other “ultra slim” cases:

  1. Value – At $10, it won’t dent your wallet
  2. Camera protection – The Nillkin features a nice raised ridge to protect the front lens element
  3. Textured back – Instead of smooth plastic or soft touch, the Nillkin opts for a textured back, offering satisfactory grip

I also like the red color, though white would be great too to blend in with the Lumia 1520’s matte white finish.

This case gets all the little things right. Camera protection, decent cutouts for buttons and a textured back that makes holding the (sometimes) awkward Lumia 1520 more manageable. Offer it for $10 (or two for $9) with free shipping and this case is a no brainer. Shipping did take a while, since it came from overseas, but in the end it was worth it.

Previously, I liked the Incipio Feather case the most, despite it being overpriced. The Nillkin though gives value and a top design. While this isn’t a rugged case, between making the Lumia 1520 easier to hold, the color options and the textured back, the Nillkin should give you modest protection from low level drops, bangs or scratches.

You can pick up the Nillkin Ultra Slim Case from various outlets online, though I ordered from DX-Box.

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Daniel Rubino

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