Review: PDA Skins Pro Case

PDA Skins is not the normal run of the mill cell phone case company. Their designs are more on the unique side of the scale, which for some is exactly what you might be looking for. The last time I reviewed a PDA Skin case, I liked the quality of the build as a whole, but was disappointed in the details where it counted. I saw the potential of what PDA Skin could come out with, so I was interested in giving them another try.

When I saw PDA Skin Pro case, I took the opportunity to see if they were able to get it all right this time. Take a look at the full review inside to see what I found out…


As usual, the PDA Skin Pro case had quality leather, good stitching, and a strong zipper. There is a pocket on the front with strong elastic sides that will hold a small cell phone in place, but I am not totally confident that one would not fall out. Inside, along the back, is a nice wallet section that includes four credit card slots with a cash pocket behind them. 

There are 3 ways to wear this case… a shoulder/neck strap, a belt clip, and a belt loop. All three are solid, and work well. The belt loop is sewn firmly to the case, unlike the PDA Skin Organizer case that had weak Velcro flaps that formed the belt loop.

Now the idea behind the PDA Skin Pro design is that you unzip the case, the lid then folds down to form a platform that you can use your phone on.  The phone is secured by a piece of Velcro stuck to the back of the phone. This would be a great design for the person who wants a little portable “table” on their hip or chest to use the WM phone without having to holding it. This would be perfect for someone who uses a PDA for work, inventory, etc. Because of its unique nature, I don’t see it as a popular design for someone who wants to grab and hold the phone often or frequently.

It took me minute to figure out why there was a big hole in the case. This is an earpiece hole in case you wanted to use a corded headset or earphone for music with the case all zipped up. It even has two small Velcro straps to help hold the headset cord.


Just like with the PDA Skin Organizer the Velcro on the PDA Skin Pro is the only part of the construction that causes me concern.  First of all, I personally do not like sticking a strip of Velcro to the back of my phone. Depending on the individual phone design, placement of the camera, camera flash, extended battery “bump”, etc., it could be difficult to place as well. Plus the piece of Velcro that came with my case that I was suppose to stick to the back of my phone had no sticky back to it… I mean like it never had it. When I pulled off the white backing to stick it to my phone, it just felt like a piece of normal Velcro.   And without that, I had no way to secure my phone to the case.

The hole for the earpiece has a metal around it. I am not sure if that would wear on the phone over time as it might be sitting on top of or just to the side of the medal ring.


Again, PDA Skins has a unique design that certainly fills the needs of certain situations like no one else. The materials are high quality and the construction is solid. But again, the weak part is the Velcro that secures the phone. I still think they have high potential, as the PDA Skin Pro is yet again almost there with a good unique design.


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ProsGood quality leatherStrong stitchingUnique design gives you a "table" on your hip ConsHave to stick Velcro on the hack of your phone to secure it to the case.My sticky Velcro was not Sticky 
George Ponder

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