Review: Samsung WEP-350 Bluetooth Headset

These days, Bluetooth headsets are about as popular as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. This is due partially to the coolness factor of the technology as well as the various government laws requiring their use while driving. As the pool gets more crowded, it keeps getting harder to find that headset that is perfect for you.

Samsung is one of those names in the electronics world that is always considered one of the biggest in any niche. Whether it is TV's, Cameras, Bluetooth headsets or even the Windows Mobile phones that we are all so fond of; Samsung is one of the best in the business. Samsung's WEP-350 headset is designed in the image of some of the slimmest models available.

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The slim design is one of my favorite form factors when it comes to Bluetooth headsets. I've tried the ultra small designs and have never felt comfortable with them on my ear. The design of the WEP-350 gives you the best of both worlds in my opinion. Firstly, you have a very light headset that fits comfortably on your ear. Secondly, the headset is long enough that the microphone is actually in the vicinity of your mouth, giving you reasonable sound quality. As an additional bonus, you don't have to cope with buttons that are too small to find and press.

Speaking of buttons, the placement on this particular headset is worth mentioning. The main call button is located on the main surface of the headset. The volume buttons are on the top and the bottom. The only minor problem I have with this is that if you choose to wear the headset on your left ear (the ear hook is detachable and can be configured for use with either ear), the volume controls may be arranged in a less than intuitive manner (volume up on bottom, volume down on top).

The headset comes bundled with a desktop charging cradle that adds a bit of sophistication to the package.


Bluetooth headsets in general have gotten to be one of the easiest pieces of technology to utilize. The WEP-350 is no exception. Pairing (at least initially) is the typical power on, and do the voodoo with your phone. The headset automatically enters pairing mode the first time it is powered on. The primary button is used for answering or ending a call, as well as redialing or rejecting an incoming call.


This is another example of a Bluetooth headset that does everything right. The things that make the WEP-350 stand out from other headsets is the face that it is so slim as well as the included desktop charger, a nice addition for what I would consider a mid-level headset.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 4.5Use: 4Overall: ProsLightweight, thin  designDesktop charger is niceConsVolume button placement is a little weird
Dieter Bohn