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With modern mobile devices it’s not enough to simply offer a long list of features. Consumers these days expect the best of everything; this is why we’ve seen a trend of Windows Mobile device manufacturers designing a custom user interface into their products. Additionally, more software developers are putting their effort into home screen replacements in an effort to fill the gap for one of the shortcomings in Windows Mobile.

You may not have heard of SHBT (Sellit Hungary BT), but the Hungarian developer has been building applications for Windows Mobile since 2004. Many of SHBT’s products would seem to be targeted at niche markets such as Mobile Electronic Suite and Mobile Resistor; both of which are designed for electrical engineers and builders of electronic components.


As with most other interface replacements for Windows Mobile, MyHome is primarily a home screen replacement. MyHome features touch capability as well as giving additional interactivity by using vibration when various functions are activated. Getting the vibration functionality going required some minor configuration. MyHome optionally integrates with SHBT Weather as well as Windows Media Player.

One thing that I haven’t seen done before is the ability to design and create custom themes or skins. Documentation and tutorials are handled through the user forums.

Advanced control about which application is activated by various interface elements is also possible. This is especially useful if you use third party applications for email or web browsing.


MyHome features a row based design that allows you to cycle through different shortcuts on each row. Different rows offer different functionality. The first row features a clock and integration with SHBT Weather and Windows Media Player. Row 2 gives you a quick view of pending messages, when activated you are able to view the individual message types and click through to access your messages. The remaining three rows enable you to access your calendar, various phone settings like connectivity and ring profile, and often used profiles.


To me, if you’re looking for an interface enhancement, you’re probably looking for something more usable and probably something customizable. SHBT has done an admirable job on both accounts. Navigation can be accomplished with the hardware D-pad or with your finger or stylus. For those that are looking for the ultimate in customization, a quick browse through the SHBT forums will leave you with skins designed by SHBT and other users.

MyHome is a solid application with a complete feature set. As always, I would recommend taking the trial for a spin and see if it delivers the functionality that you are looking for. MyHome can be purchased at the WMExperts store in both QVGA and VGA versions for $19.95.

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Features: 5Use: 4



Skins allow for unlimited customizability.Vibration feedback adds interactivityAbility to configure what program is launched is VERY nice


Developer is a relative unknown
George Ponder

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