Hard shell cases have their advantages but when you carry a Windows Phone with a slide-out keyboard, such as the Touch Pro 2 or Tilt 2, the choices can be slim to none. Smartphone Experts offers their Protective Case that might just do the trick if you're a fan of hard shell cases.

The cases are offered in pink, smoke or clear. The sleek cases aren't for everyone and to see if the Protective Case is for you, follow the break.


First Impression

For this review, I took the clear version of the Protective Case out for a test drive with the AT&T Tilt 2. The case is made of durable plastic that has a little flexibility to it. The Protective Case is composed of two parts, both snap in place with tiny little tabs that wrap around the base (keyboard) and top (screen) of the Tilt2.

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The case snaps in place securely but the tabs are so small you may miss putting one in place correctly. If you miss one of the snap tabs, the case will be a little loosey-goosey. I think if the snap tabs were a little larger, it would be easier to snap the case into place. As is, it just takes a little effort to insure proper fit.

Cut outs are in place to accommodate the power, volume and PTT keys. The back of the case has cut-out to accommodate the camera, speaker and mute buttons as well.


I was a little skeptical on how well the Protective Case would work out on a sliding keyboard phone. I was pleasantly surprised that the case didn't interfere with the sliding or screen tilt of the Tilt2.

The Protective Case does a good job of protecting the Tilt2 from scratches, dents and dings. The obvious weakness of the case is that the screen is fully exposed. Add a SPE Screen protector and you'll help compensate for the loss.

The Tilt 2 isn't exactly the most "pocketable" Windows Phone but I can see the Protective Case being useful if you carry the Touch Pro/Tilt2 in a backpack pouch, briefcase compartment or jacket pocket.

Overall Impression

The saying goes, "different strokes for different folks" and the Smartphone Experts Protective Case isn't for everyone. It's well made, designed to work well with the sliding keyboard design of the Touch Pro 2 or Tilt2 and comes in three trendy colors.

Personally, I need protection not only for the phone's casing but also for the phone's screen and prefer a side case such as the Ecolife Sidecase or the Body Glove Sidecase.

However, if hard shell cases are to your liking, the Smartphone Experts Protective Case ($12.95) would be a good choice.

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