Review - Spigen Slim Armor case for the HTC One for Windows

The HTC One for Windows is on the loose across Verizon, AT&T and soon to T-Mobile. If there is one thing that we can almost guarantee besides the fact that you'll love it, it is the near-certainty that you will drop it.

That's because the sleek metal unibody of the HTC One is also a slick metal unibody. Therefore, when considering a case, you may want to think about one that not only stands up to its share of drops, but also matches the elegant design of the device it's protecting.

Enter Spigen's Slim Armor case for the HTC One.

The Slim Armor case is a dual-layer case made up of a soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cover and a hard snap-on polycarbonate shell. The TPU layer covers the back and sides of the phone, including the buttons, leaving cutouts for all of the usual suspects.

The Slim

Spigen's design is one that jams a lot of protection into a compact space. The Slim Armor adds a minor amount of bulk around the perimeter of the HTC One, but not enough to make it feel much bigger than the phone's body. And the shell adds the smoothness that you are used when holding the HTC One without making it slippery.

I have mixed feelings about the button covers. On the one hand, the TPU covering that peeks through hard shell makes the volume rocker much easier to use.

However, I had a hard time with the power button. I found that the padding made the power button much too sensitive. At times, the cover even pushed down on the power, causing the screen to time out or the phone to prompt me to turn off. That issue was resolved by re-seating the phone in the case few times to finally get it perfect. The trick seems to be slipping the phone top-first into the case.

The Armor

The rubbery coating of the Spigen case is thicker around the corners of the phone to absorb the impact from any potential drops. It also forms a lip around the metal rim on the front of the phone that is raised slightly higher than the screen, so it should defend against your phone doing a belly flop as well.

The polycarbonate shell snaps around the middle of the HTC One's back, covering the majority of the device. It has a slight tackiness to it, giving you a firm grip on the body of the phone. It also adds some glossy contrast to the matte finish of the soft layer.

There's little doubt in my mind that this case can withstand some force and even help keep out liquid from spills.

The Looks

Spigen's Slim Armor proves that a protective case doesn't have to be huge and ugly. On the contrary, this cover is thin and looks great. It does justice to the slim, futuristic design of the smartphone it protects. The Slim Armor case comes in six colors: Aintree Green, Satin Silver, Champagne Gold, Smooth Black, Gunmetal, and Metal Slate (pictured).

You can pick one up in the Windows Central Store for $21.95.

Seth Brodeur
  • Of all the more durable type cases (as opposed to super thin shells), this one is my favorite. The design is excellent for looks and function. Probably the best of the bunch so far.
  • Quick question, does the IR blaster still work with cases like these? It's not a deal breaker because I doubt I'd use it, but I'm just curious.
  • My Otter box covers the blaster, but still works flawlessly. This will be my next case. Hoping IR still works with it.
  • Love me some Spigen.
  • Wow
  • Beautiful case.
  • Link to the lockscreen image please...
  • I have this on my M8 and like it alot. It does make the power button more sensitive but I don't think that is an issue. I actually have grown to prefer it that way. For the extra protection but keeping the slim look I think it's perfect.
  • 2 weeks old and no drops yet....
  • How does this compare with the Otterbox Symmetry case?
  • It makes the symmetry look clunky and overbearing. I have both cases. Much prefer this one.
  • Thanks
  • Why won't they make for the 1520!!!!!
  • I really dislike cases, but this one really dresses up your phone without making it feel big and clunky.
  • Really great looking case. I actually want a T-Mo HTC One now just so I can slap that thing on it. Don't see many cases like that for my 925
  • Spigen is my top choice for cases on anything. Excellent for the price Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The one downside to that case is it blocks the IR blaster so you can pretty much kiss the remote function goodbye. Made me ditch the case.
  • Hmm so it does block the IR blaster. . .that's a tad disappointing, but at the same time I haven't bought the HTC One yet so it's hard to get mad over the loss of a function I've yet to use.
  • Has anyone tried the IR blaster while the case is on? As I mentioned in a previous reply... The IR blaster works through my Otter box that covers it. I bet they are very similar materials. With spigen being quite a bit thinner... Fingers crossed.