Review: TYLT VU Qi Wireless Charging Pad

There isn't a lot that goes into a Qi charging pad, or at least you would think. After all, you plug it in, plop your phone on it and there you have it. Most charging pads are designed with this mindset, being nothing more than flat pad with a plug that your phone sits on.

The TYLT VU Qi wireless charging pad is an exception to that. It is thoughtfully designed to be a little bit more than just a place to lay your phone to power up.

The first thing you notice about the VU is that it is big. The reason is twofold. For one, it is meant to easily accommodate devices of various sizes. But more importantly, it is designed to hold those devices at a 45-degree angle, so you can comfortably view and use your device as it charges, This requires that the stand have a larger footprint than others of its ilk.

The surface that the phone sits on is soft and keeps a slight grip on the phone to prevent slippage during use. That is a very handy feature. I often find myself gliding through apps and menus with a single finger while my phone is perched on my VU. The grip is enough that the phone doesn't slide around when doing so.

I also love that there is no tradeoff between the convenience of Qi and the time it takes to charge on my TYLT. Unlike many other wireless chargers, the VU's 1 Amp output gets your battery charged about as fast as a standard USB charger would. And the green indicator light lets you know that it's happening.

At the end of the day, I am really happy with the TYLT VU. It is a little big, but I am willing to deal with that for the convenience it offers. I steered clear of the bright blue, red, and green color options, as I did not want my phone charger to be the centerpiece of the room. Instead, I opted for the more inconspicuous black.

Like many Qi chargers, the TYLT VU Qi wireless charging pad can be a little pricey when compared to a good old fashioned USB charger, but it comes in around the same price range of its competitors. It also offers a few more thoughtful details that they do not.

You can pick one up in the Windows Phone Central store in whichever color you choose. Just remember that your phone must be Qi-compatible in order to use it.

Seth Brodeur
  • Good one
  • It's expensive, but I think of it as a designer piece as well. The design and angle make it a unique offering.
  • I was looking at this charger for awhile. But after this review I am definitely going to pick this up now. Thanks Daniel!
  • Exactly. I wasn't really interested in buying a wireless charge pad until I saw the tylt's kickstarter. It has a whole bunch of things that make it more convenient than a flat charger.
  • This is cool looking but first I need a wireless charging case for my 1020. Anyone know of one that doesn't cost more than $29.99?
  • Yes called Amazon.
  • The Aukey wireless charger is more convenient than the Tylt, is cheap, portable, reliable, and attractive. It can charge via USB.
  • That is pretty nice
  • Yes but it's not a stand is it. Looks like the one supplied in the box with the 930.
  • I really love it, I got 2, red and yellow for my phones. Love just propping my phone onto it before bed him.
  • I use one at work - the review is spot on - I use the Tylt with my Icon the same way the reviewer does.  The power output/charge speed is awesome and adds the extra value to justify the purchase price.  Have not regretted getting mine.    
  • Does it have a light that is always on so that you can find it in the dark when the phone isn't in it?
  • No, the light only comes on when the phone is charging. The light blinks red during the charge and turns green when the phone is completely charged.
  • Bummer - its the one thing I don't like about my Nokia stand. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Get a bright color... Or a night light lmao
  • Does it charge the device if the device is placed horizontally? (For instance a 1520.3).
  • It can! But the 1520's Qi coil is a little off center, so when you place it horizontally, it too is a little off center, but it works.
  • Nice, thank you!
  • One of the features I remember them touting during the Kickstarter was having 3 coils in there to accommodate for the majority of sizes and orientation combinations. I was able to get my TYLT for 25$ or something during the Kickstarter, so I got a good deal on this thing.
  • Yes, you can put a phone on there sideways, but I am pretty sure the 1520 will be fine to charge upright on it as well.
  • Thank you for answering. Yes, the reason I was asking is because I would like to be able to place the phone on the charger while still using it to watch video (for instance Netflix or Hulu Plus).
  • Yes. It's actually one of the features it touts due to it having three coils positioned for such a thing.
  • Input A? Ouput A?
  • The output is 1 Amp.
  • I have the Nokia wireless chargers. Don't like the LED light always on. I cover mine up since it's so bright at night and need my room to be completely dark to sleep. Can the LED be turned off or go off when phone is completely charged?
  • Can't turn off. It is subtle and at an angle though.
  • Hi guys , I've never charged my phone on a wireless chrager , is it as fast as the USB cable or standard charger , or its faster ? ,slower?
  • Slower.
  • Actually, depends on the USB charger being used. Nokia ships some 1 mA chargers, as are some ones for the car.
  • I think you mean 1000mAh
  • 1000 mA
  • Isn't there any wireless charger faster than the regular USB cable? , and 1mA per what ?
  • The guts to allow faster charging would make any device with that feature cost to much. Its a more convenient way to charge instead of trying to plug in Micro USB when your half asleep in the dark. Wireless is convenient and is not meant for super quick charging. On average its only a few minutes slower than wired. I have 2 Anker wireless Qi charging pads that wanted 1.5mah power supplies attached in order to charge my Nokia Lumia ICON. The Tylt comes with an 800mah power supply so i am pretty sure you will get a flashing red light like I had when you try to charge a device that originally came with a 1amp charger in its box. I liked the Tylt but had to return it since it got super hot and flashed red when trying to charge my Lumia ICON. The Anker Qi charging plate has been just fine.    
  • If its slower then what's the point of it?
  • Not that slow. And the point of a wireless charger is to charge wirelessly, not faster!
  • 1A like the power bank with dual output.
  • Man i really miss wireless charging now that I have this HTC One M8. Still love the phone though.
  • I was really disappointed all the hypes behind m8 when I got mine. Glad you are liking it.
  • Lol u still got the dot case man.
  • Does it still work with the large screen devices like the 1520?
  • yes
  • Be interesting what designs will come after the updated standard starts hitting.
  • I've had one for a while and love it. Can easily use it while charging.
  • What I'd like to see is one of these with an aux-connection to my speaker system. Nokia has already the wireless headset and mini speakers with this functionality, so why not combine them? 
  • I love my Tylt, but I've noticed one bit of behavioral difference when I use it to charge my 1520.3 vs. using the standard Nokia charging plate (which sort of disappears under the 1520): On the Tylt, when the phone reaches full charge, a signal will sound every few minutes if the phone remains on the charger. If I use the Nokia plate, no such signal sounds. It's not a big deal, but I have to pull the phone off the Tylt to silence it.
  • I have the same issue. the worst scenario is that the charing notification happens every few seconds.
  • I am back to my Nokia DT-910 Qi Charger though. I think there was one time my 920 changed the charging habit after an update, which it stop charging for a while when it is fully charged until the phone has consumed some juice, like drop to 99%, and then it charges again. This charging mechanism could be the excuse for this problem
  • I have got one of this. But it will non stop looping at charging my 1520 when it is charged. It happens like that: When my phone is charged, it stops for a few seconds, and then it starts charging again with the disturbing charging notification, looping non-stop until I pick up the phone. This is more likely to happen when i place my phone on it with higher battery percentage. But I never have this issue on my Nokia DT910 Qi charger
  • As fast as USB?  But wouldn't heat be an issue?  Does it stop charging if it gets too hot?
  • I got this for my previous nexus 5, I never stops when overheating. But I don't have similar issue with my 1520, but with another problem.
  • I have the red one!
  • Nice.. Here is something that I was thinking of when I saw the wireless charger. Why don't they make the back same like the front so that you can charge two phones at the same time.? Would be handy. Just an idea though :P
  • Made my own 45* angle wireless charger out of a piece of balsa wood with a plasticoated metal "kickstand" and the Nokia charger that came with my 920. Took about an hour and cost me all of $2. The charger is removable if I want to lay it flat.  Oh, I used the other half of the balsa wood block to make my daughter a TARDIS charger for her iPhone. :)
  • Are you taking orders ;-)?
  • Ha! If I had the time I totally would! But alas, you'll have to embrace your inner craftsman and make your own. Sorry :)
  • Got this last year when they had a deal. Got it for $30 and I use it every day. Perfect desk companion for work. It's just the right angle, powers my L920 fast and looks beautiful!
  • Got this when it was 50% off. Works fast and placing it horizontally is a bonus.
  • I love mine. Charges fast for wireless and with glance, tap to wake and swipe it's rarely picked up when I'm at my desk.
  • Ordered one right now,was just what i was looking for,saved 30$ too.
  • I am in envy. I shall get one as well!
  • Looks great sadly in the UK they are £70 last time I checked which is about $110.
  • Ugh, if only ATT would stop stripping Qi charging out of Lumias.
  • Fat chance while they are in bed with PMA.
  • "it comes in around the same price range of its competitors" Eh?  I guess if by "price range" you mean "under $1000", then okay.  But wireless chargers that lay flat can be had for $30.  Naztech offers one that holds the phone at an angle for $45ish.  And Amazon has WPCentral beat by $5 on this TYLT.  But, make no mistake, this is a boutique-priced charger. Get the price to $50 and I'll be interested.
  • Cheapest place to get a 925 charging case? I only want the wireless unit inside the case
  • How do we know if our phones are Qi compatible?
  • $70?! No way. And I love Qi charging
  • I have a hit and miss success rate. It will work fine for weeks then I will get a flashing red light for weeks. Don't know if it's the Tylt or the charging shell, but it sucks to not have it be reliable.
  • I have trouble with my 1020 and charging plate. My 920 works fine on the TYLT all the time.
  • The TYLT bricked by Verizon 8X. Leaving the phone on the wireless charger overnight was the mistake. Now the phone does not boot up past the HTC splash screen and then turns off. Buyer Beware!  
  • Sounds less like a problem with the charger itself and more like the technology in the phone.
  • I'm cool with my $10 Nokia DT-910 Qi wireless charging stand...
  • Ah yes Qi another feature missing from the world best smartphone. Pun intended.
  • Yea, neat and I love the style of it but $70 is too much for any QI charger. I have a family member that has a 3D printer, I bet with enough beer we could figure out something close to it where I can mount a Nokia charger behind it and maybe use a fiber optic cable to mount the light above the phone... Hmmmm...
  • "Like many Qi chargers, the TYLT VU Qi wireless charging pad can be a little pricey when compared to a good old fashioned USB charger, but it comes in around the same price range of its competitors." I keep forgetting that $15 is not the normal price range- I picked up 4 charging plates for that amount over several different sales and different stores. I might have maybe thought about buying one of these for $30. I would pick one up today for $20. But that $65 figure must be at least an 80% markup in price- same goes to all the competitors. I've been known to overspend *significantly* if the build quality greatly trumps what you can do yourself and cheaper parts (just recently I ordered a car PC for over $1.2k, probably $700 more expensive than it needed to be)... but this is just a charging pad with more plastic on it. Buy the basic charging plate for $15 and prop it up with something around the house. I use this
  • I sure wish I had the ability to manage my phone's text messages from my PC like when I had the Android and MightyText though.  Having that verticle stand would be nice next to the computer.
  • Would this still work with the rather 1520 and it's fairly high mounted QI Coil? On the cushioned Nokia Charging Pad I have to locate the Lumia 1520 with the bottom overlapping the Pad in order to have the two Coils centered and the charging funtion working. Something not possible with this design unless I'd put it permanently in Landscape Mode