Ring wants to help you keep your home secure with the Stick Up Cam

Following up on its Wifi-connected doorbell, Ring has debuted the new Stick Up Cam, an easily-mountable outdoor security camera that can be placed practically anywhere. In addition to delivering HD video from outside of your home or office sans wires, the $199 Ring Stick Up Cam features a microphone and speaker combination so you can communicate with anyone that may be suspiciously hanging out outside.

And just like Ring's Video Doorbell, the camera on the Stick Up Cam features motion detection and night vision with the ability to alert you to any activity it detects with a notification on your smartphone.

Our sister site, Android Central, previously reviewed the setup process for the Ring Video Doorbell, and found it to be a relatively simple process. The Stick Up Cam continues that tradition, only requiring that you mount its bracket with a set of 4 screws, then literally "stick" the camera onto the mount and swivel it to your desired angle.

If you're interested in checking out the Ring Stick Up Cam, it can be pre-ordered now from Ring's website for $199 at the link below. And be sure to continue following all of our CES 2016 coverage as the show continues.

Pre-order for $199

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Of course it isn't supported on Windows Phone, so not sure why it's being covered here. Maybe someday.
  • There is an app on win 10 mobile, ring video doorbell.
  • What Munkeyphyst said ^ It's highly likely there will be app compatibility on WP and Windows when this launched, or shortly thereafter.
  • Doesn't ring have a monthly fee?
  • Only if you choose cloud recording.
  • Is it possible to setup recording on a local PC?
  • Also, that $3/mo or $30/year fee is per Ring device, so you'd be looking at $6/$60 for both a Ring video doorbell and Stick Up Cam to do cloud recording. That's disappointing... I was hoping it'd be a subscription for an unlimited number of Ring cameras per household subscription.
  • If you can leave a $200 item outside your home permanently and it doesn't get atolen, you probably dont need a security camera all that much to begin with. Nothing wrong with the product. I'm just pointing out the irony.
  • Not necessarily, generally thieves don't steal security cameras lol.
  • Believe me, they do. Speaking from experience. Lost 5 out of 6 being MOUNTED and wired into the house walls. Thieves have their ways.
  • Is Mad Max your neighbour by any chance?
    Sounds like you live in a lawless dystopia. (Makes me grateful to live in a quiet village in the English countryside!)
  • @Eitvydas Kinaitis, I said generally. Your case is not the norm.... If it was I'd be pretty worried.
  • I believe doorbell version has theft replacement guarantee
  • correct, Ring includes theft replacement.
  • Literally every store and business on this planet has at least one security camera on their building, you don't see them go missing and yet they install them.
  • If your camera is stolen they replace it provided that you have police report.
  • At least they didn't rob more than camera
  • How's it powered?
  • The video doorbell can run on a battery or through the doorbell wire. The battery charges via usb. I'd assume this just runs on the battery.
  • Sure it will till google chokes the life out of it with gvmnt regulators looking the other way
  • That's slick.. So much easier that rigging your own CCTV action..
  • Hey Cortana updated
  • Why even put it on here as it doesn't support Windows mobile. I like their product and what they have.
  • It does support windows 10 mobile.
  • I just did a live chat with Ring support, and they said there will only be a Windows 10 desktop app for the Stick Up Cam at launch, but their development team is working on a Windows 10 Mobile app for it.
  • I like it that it is battery powered and does not require a base station like the netgear competitor, though I am very suspicious on their claim on battery life. The netgear vuezone requires a base station which does something special with wifi communication in order to preserve battery on those little vuezone cameras. No 24/7 cloud recording means it only has limited use for me though. For $200 I'd rather get another dropcam.
  • yo.... http://www.windowscentral.com/ring-video-doorbell-app-windows-10-adds-su...
  • The human race is horrible to say the least! Going back to my cave.
  • I've been waiting for a securuty camera that is truly wireless. A bit pricey but might get a couple. First though I need to get a new Windows 10 Mobile phone. 
  • That what I want, to be able to communicate with suspicious people outside...
  • No need for ever seeing the sunlight again...you can make friends. Lol
  • I d use a Lumia 530 :)