Ringtone Maker - Mango App Spotlight

Next up in our ringtone spotlight series is Ringtone Maker. While the app title leads one to believe it is a ringtone maker for your Windows Phone, it is another collection of ringtones that you can save to your Windows Phone.

Where Pimp my Ringtone has 21 ringtones, Ringtone Maker has thirteen categories of ringtones. Each category has anywhere from six to ten ringtones. The choices include animal, fart, jungle, WWE, TV Themes, video game and bollywood ringtones.

To save a ringtone to your Windows Phone, tap and hold on the ringtone of your liking to pull up the utility menu. From the utility menu you can save the ringtone to your phone, delete the ringtone, or add it to the favorites page.

Ringtone Maker has some decent ringtones but I felt as though the quality could have been better in some areas. If you like TV Theme Songs or a fan of WWE Wrestling, this one might be for you. There is a trial version of Ringtone Maker available to let you preview the ringtones. In order to save them to the phone, you'll have to buy the full version which is running $2.99.  Remember, you'll need to update your Windows Phone to Mango in order to run Ringtone Maker. 

You can find Ringtone Maker here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.

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  • Just to add it needs a WiFi connection for downloading due to it's size.
  • Is there a true ringtone making app out there yet?
  • got me excited for a second...;-(
  • Nope. No third part access to the Zune music files stored on the phone.
  • When is someone gonna come out with a REAL custom ringtone maker app? These ringtone collection apps suck!
  • Webtone allows you to add internet sound files via URL though. But they must already be in the proper format. It adds the file to your ringtone collection.
  • It's not to hard to to create an audio file of the correct type and size and load it into Dropbox and get a nice fully custom ring tone. Took me about 5 min.
  • I'd much rather root out some ringtones on the net, there are already TONS of them, convert them to WMV or MP3 if necessary, (right click, convert to) throw them in my ringtone folder where my music is, sync to my phone, edit the genre. Done! I don't want **** cow moos, crying babies or the theme to Spongebob on my phone. I'm not having it. :)
  • Do you change the genre to "ringtone" and then they show up as ringtones?
  • Yes. That is how it knows where to link that sound clip.
  • Man that's a pretty devious name for an app. I'd feel cheated if I purchased the app expecting it to do what the name clearly states...
  • I think this app should be removed from this website and Microsoft should remove it from the app market UNTIL the name is changed. It is NOT a ringtone creator and the name is deceptive as all get out. It will con people into purchasing it because ringtones is one of the features many have been waiting for.
  • That was one reason I choose this app to spotlight. To let reader's know that this app isn't a ringtone creator but rather a collection of tones you can save as ringtones.
  • I for one George am glad you did. I have a tendency to tell owners who ask what I know about WP7, a good portion of which comes from here. Good looking out George. If I knew how to comment in the market place, I would.
  • question for the Mango people: can you make a custom text tone?
  • no. but at least custom ringtones can be used as alarms.
  • don't care about alarms, but they haven't allowed text tones yet? seriously microsoft do you realise what year this is!?
  • Best solution would be have something within the Zune software, you right click on a track, select make Ringtone and then a very simple tool comes up to specify the time sample of the song, preview option and then save it, software would compress and do everything else needed.
  • they already did something like that in Windows Live Messenger, so it begs the question why would they not do the same for Zune. eventually, they should.
  • i thought you can make ringtones app =(