Roccat shows off new low-latency wireless mouse and pressure-sensitive keyboard

If you've been holding off on using a wireless mouse for gaming because of potential latency issues, Roccat remedy your fears with its latest gaming mouse, the Roccat Leadr. Alongside tackling latency issues, Roccat has goes a step further and promises far more consistency and accuracy in movement than other mice.

All of this is accomplished by a combination of Roccat's new Owl-Eye sensor and "the latest in wireless technology," the company says. Between the two, Roccat claims you'll see precise movement (1:1 accuracy) and virtually zero lag. Of course, there's also a charging dock and cable included for those times you need to juice back up and keep the gaming going.

Alongside the Leadr, Roccat also unveiled new Kone Pure and Kone EMP wired gaming mice that also sport its new Owl-Eye sensor. The Kone Pure is the smaller of the two and features a "pro-grip" coating. The Kone EMP, on the other hand, is meant for folks with bigger hands, with ergonomics designed as such.

Roccat Iksu+ Force FX

Finally, the company also revealed the Isku+ Force FX (via Engadget), a keyboard with pressure-sensitive keys. The typical set of gaming keys, QWEASD, are all sensitive to pressure, and can be programmed with up to 3 different functions. Unfortunately, this isn't a mechanical offering, but it's still interesting nonetheless.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • heh, i have the first ISKU keyboard with blue leds.. the design is the same just without the "pressure sensitive keys". Price was 45USD. Worth it.
  • I have the Roccat Lua, and the scroll wheel started skipping few months after purchase and Roccat support refused to help; so not very impressed by them after that. :(
  • I used to have both the Original Kone mouse and Kave headphones. Roccat's stuff looks cool, promises a lot, but the build quality is terrible. Both of those broke within a year of purchase and Roccat support refused to help. I won't buy from them again.
  • Have the Kone XTD mouse - been faultless so far and by far the best mouse I've used. Only downside is the software, achievements for clicking the left mouse button 10,000 times? Really not necessary.