If you've been holding off on using a wireless mouse for gaming because of potential latency issues, Roccat remedy your fears with its latest gaming mouse, the Roccat Leadr. Alongside tackling latency issues, Roccat has goes a step further and promises far more consistency and accuracy in movement than other mice.

Roccat Leadr

All of this is accomplished by a combination of Roccat's new Owl-Eye sensor and "the latest in wireless technology," the company says. Between the two, Roccat claims you'll see precise movement (1:1 accuracy) and virtually zero lag. Of course, there's also a charging dock and cable included for those times you need to juice back up and keep the gaming going.

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Alongside the Leadr, Roccat also unveiled new Kone Pure and Kone EMP wired gaming mice that also sport its new Owl-Eye sensor. The Kone Pure is the smaller of the two and features a "pro-grip" coating. The Kone EMP, on the other hand, is meant for folks with bigger hands, with ergonomics designed as such.

Roccat Iksu+ Force FX

Finally, the company also revealed the Isku+ Force FX (via Engadget), a keyboard with pressure-sensitive keys. The typical set of gaming keys, QWEASD, are all sensitive to pressure, and can be programmed with up to 3 different functions. Unfortunately, this isn't a mechanical offering, but it's still interesting nonetheless.