Rogers introducing the Nokia Lumia 1020 to Canada this October

The Lumia 1020 is on its way to Canada. Currently sporting the Lumia 920 as the flagship Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia, Rogers believes that also stocking the Lumia 1020 will provide more choice for consumers. The real question is when? MobileSyrup has learnt that the mobile operator will be launching the Lumia 1020 this coming October.

What's more is this is believed to be an exclusive deal, further developing the close partnership between Rogers and Microsoft's OEM partners. Unfortunately there are no details surrounding an exact release date, pricing or which colours will be available. Hopefully this information will be made public knowledge in the coming months.

If you've yet to check out the Lumia 1020, be sure to read up on our full review to see if this expensive, niche Windows Phone is for you.

Source: MobileSyrup

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Why would you say that about such a terrible company?
  • Because its not as bad as telus or Bell, and the get the good wp's
  • Exactly. Rogers is soooo much better than Telus and Bell, not just for their devices but their services as well.
  • Unless you live in the Atlantic provinces, where outside major cities there is no service.
  • Yes so much better, that's why where I live my wife's 8X on Bell gets LTE while my Rogers 920 keeps jumping between Edge and 3G. Yup, awesome service.
  • Yah, because it isn't great where you live so that must mean that its bad everywhere right? I have LTE no problem outside of major cities in western Canada. Bell here is a joke
  • I don't get a lot of LTE coverage in my area either, but I'm not complaining.... I get full HSPA+ all the time and it's no problem. LTE is still being deployed. Just be happy they were at least the first to get in into Canada. And I'm not just talking about service as in reception, but the services they offer.
  • I'm a Robbers victim too. Seriously though, picking between the Big Three is like picking your favorite VD.
  • simphf is absolutely right : they are all just different flavors of bad.
    I've been on all 3 and I'm back on Telus - no problems yet, but I stay on prepaid. The last time I had a contract, they tried to charge me $100 of "early termination" when I switched my number to another provider TWO DAYS before the end of a 3 year contract (@$60 / month).
    On Rogers, I had a support ticket open for a data usage tracking issue: billing said I used 64MB one day while their client-web portal reported I had used 20MB. Never got any feedback or resolution to the problem, and no Data Sense on Rogers means I can't verify anything.
    On Bell, you have *zero* billing information for prepaid : your balance just goes down, and down, and down - for what exactly? Only Bell knows. And when I had an operator check, they had billed me $12 by mistake.
  • OCTOBER?! Uggghh Canada gets devices SO late.. I wonder when the 6inch phone will be released here, spring time? Even though it will probably be released in the holidays in the states..
  • Haha, That's because Rogers picks them up at a snails pace... Bell (and Telus) gets phones first in North America usually.
  • Hey its better than not getting the 928,925...
  • Robbers was first in NA to have the 920. Historically they do pick up devices late.
  • 6 inch phone? wtf, for blind people who need to hold their newspaper at arms length to read it? Seriously, it's getting ridiculous.
  • No thanks for the tip man?!?!?!
  • FINALLY, One of my friend was eating my head when is it coming to Canada. And I had no firm answer. Now I do :)
  • Yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  • What a bummer. The 1020 should be available on Bell, Telus, and Rogers. Windows Phone will continue to linger in obscurity within Canada as long as Nokia's flagship devices continue to be exclusive to Rogers.
  • That's because Rogers sucks the big one (Get it?... One of the big three carriers, big one?... Ill show myself out now.) I would have bought a 920 or 1020 but I would rather have no phone than be with Rogers awful network.
  • Yeah! That's my problem, I'm with Telus and I'm seriously considering switching to Rogers because Telus only have the low end Windows phones :/ but I don't like them! I got one year left on my contract so Telus have one year to get some serious (Nokia) windows phone :/
  • Honestly don't switch to Rogers... The network they have is absolutely trash... I would just grab an unlocked phone to use on Telus! You can buy the 925 unlocked at Expansys!
  • I guess YMMV? Rogers' network is awesome everywhere I go (I'm on Fido). LTE on my Lumia 920 is faster than my home internet, and the only dead spot I'm aware of is also a dead spot on Telus and Bell.
  • Sure but it's getting expensive to buy them off contract or unlocked... Presently I'm using an unlocked L720 and my previous device was a Lumia 900 bought off contract from Rogers. If I'm able to have a flagship device for less than 100$ I'll seriously consider it, even if I like Telus, the fact is Windows Phone owners don't get ANY support at all from telus. The technicians and the sellers don't even know how the OS work....
  • (Alberta) has a better price.
  • You think you have it bad, I'm on Fido and we don't have a single Windows Phone! Not one! Rogers, Telus, Bell, Koodo, Mobilicity, Wind, Chatr, and Cityfone all do. It's ridiculous (especially since Rogers and Chatr are siblings of Fido).
  • Ready to import to use on Tmo! :)
  • Can't you already unlock ATT? Would the Rogers version have the 1700 MHz 3G/4G enabled?
  • Yep, the Rogers will hopefully be pentaband like their 920 which I'm using now plus they don't seem to be as restrictive as att with WP features eg Datasense is in their GDR2 update. Plus their phone has no carrier logo and you don't have to mess with stuff like field test, all options are available on my 920. All round just the better device to buy for use on other networks.
  • There is no assurance.
    the 920 was an anomoly, Rogers managed to secure unlocked DEV devices that had all bands. 
    Don't hope for the same thing happening twice.
  • What about Lumia 925?
  • And it'll be available in black only until Jan.2014
  • A AWS version of the device O:
    I want one for my self!!!
  • Yeah, way too late. Most likely black only, probably march when red or yellow shows up. By then the next generation of devices will be out. But yeah, terrible network and a lying, scummy company. I won't even by a phone from them to use elsewhere anymore. They burnt me and I'll let everyone else know to not use them.
  •   Every company up here will lie to get you to use their services.  I have friends that hate Rogers, I also have friends that hate Bell, or TELUS...essentially you take your pick and either stick it out or change. 
      But for those that like windows phones Rogers has been the clear choice for some time.  Bell not even really on their radar (ATIV S doesn't really count), and TELUS they seem happy with lower end devices.
      And if you really don't want to be with Rogers but want a WP, check craigslist;)
  • I'm fortunate enough to switch to SaskTel. Faster speeds in way more places, even inside cities. I can cancel anytime and get reimbursed, while with Rogers you have to give them 30 days notice and they'll still try to get an extra month from you, even when not on contract. The big three suck. That's why I'm open to Verizon coming here. The more competition, the better for us. As for the others, no one else really carries or promotes windows phone and after three Nokia phones, two being windows phones, Nokia is really the only one I'm looking at now. Great updates, features and apps.
  • Wow.. Once again us canucks are late to the party and you know it will be the 32gb version and only available in black with more color options in the spring.
  • October is in 6 weeks. Considering that it is only on AT&T so far it looks like Rogers will be getting rather early. I would be surprised if Rogers didn't have colour options from the luanch time time--I think they learned their lesson now.
  • That's optimistic. Rogers would rather beat the same dead horse and claim "they sell way more black phones than colored ones so no color" and then backtrack on it 2 months later. Also, apart from a shiny poster inside the store, this will never get the spotlight it deserves from Rogers.
  • I would have easily gotten this phone except for 2 reasons now:
    No wireless charging.  I don't like using covers all the time and i spent money on wireless chargers plus the JLB power up
    After seeing reports of the6 Inch phablet...i'm more inclined to go that route next.  I just hope it has wireless charging built in and a giant sensor on the back like 1020.  I think that camera looks awesome on the device. (eventhough it's 'only' 20MP reportedly)
  • Yes!!! Black would be fine with me to match my motorbike.
  • Nokia still don't get it...
    if you look to Samsung business plan , they don't sign exclusivity whit any carier, the SIII was sold by every carier, the same for the Note 2 and S4... and they are the compagny who sell more phone on the planet...
    I hate Rogers, so if it's the only compagny who sell the 1020, i'm not gething it... sorry nokia
  • First off, I 100% agree with you.  The exclusivity is just wrong from every sort of business sense... I mean, at BEST they are cutting off about 70% of the market by going exclusive.
    However, Samsung may now not need to sign exclusivity deals, but it sure used to before it became the dominant player.  Every carrier would have a different Samsung phone.
    Of course, the big difference even then was that at least Samsung made a different phone for each carrier (also why do we call them carriers it makes no sense).  Nokia basically makes ALL of their phones for Rogers.  In the USA, they have at least gone to the trouble of making a phone for all of the big 3 (920/1020 for AT&T, 928 for Verizon, 925 for T-Mobile).  Here we get EVERYTHING on Rogers, and I can't even get a nice phone because Rogers has no coverage where I live.  Thanks Nokia, thanks for nothing.
  • Ever thought that its the other carriers that don't want to carry Nokia phones?
  • Yes, except Telus does carry the Lumia 620.
    The entire industry is broken though.  The subsidies have killed the market for us.
    However, the CRTC at least mandated that a cell phone must be unlocked immediately if purchased outright, so at least that's an option.
  • Great point... Exclusivity does impact WP from increasing its market share. Stephen Elop should 'do a solid' for his country men and let all the Cdn. carriers in on the action.
  • Rogers is the worst carrier, except for all of the other ones from which we get to choose.
  • Whoa... I'm going to have to tell my friend who just got a 521 about this... I have a Rogers 920 on T-Mobile, but she was talking about how badly she would love to have a 1020. Kinda doubt she'd buy one because of the price tag it'll carry, but at least it's worth telling her.
  • As always, Whiners phone central comes alive! Here's a tip, if you hate this carrier so much buy an unlocked, unbranded phone and use that on whichever network you want. Problem solved. You can thank me later. :)
  • I just wish you could buy them from the Microsoft Store online! Or direct from the manufacturer, like I did with my Dell Venue Pro which I bought (through an friend since they would only ship to tge U.S.) off eBay right from Dell.
  • Isn't Rogers just the Verizon of the north? Could this be a hint that 1020 may be coming to BigRed?
  • what are you talking about.
  • At least a timeframe has been provided. And now, the next questions 1) how much will this cost on/off contract 2) is there any chance of us getting the 64gb model
  • This didn't come as a surprise to me. I had prior information the Lumia 1020 is coming to Rogers late September early October.
    The real question now is: will I be able to buy it from Microsoft Store without having a Rogers account? I was able to do that with the Lumia 920 last November.
  • Got this news that Telus will carry the Nokia Lumia 1020 and 625:
  • Boooooo. Nokia there is more than Rogers in Canada!!!!!!
  • YAY!!! at the same time people should hold off  getting new phone as much as possible till December 2 when a new law is in effect.
    Thou at the same time rogers recently change some stuff before the law is in effect. So got to some digging around.
  • What law is that? What will be changing?
  • Rogers sucks.  Why would they partner with a company that pushes iphones and androids like crazy but doesn't give a crap about WP? 
  • It has been announced that Telus will also be carrying the 1020 along with the 625.  MobileSyrup posted the news.
  • If this news came out two weeks ago, Rogers would've had revenue from me, bought mine from negri. I know a few others have imported it as well.
  • Do you get LTE? What network are you using it on?