RoTeam: Snowball World platformer switches directions for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

RoTeam: Snowball World is a challenging platform game that is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The goal of the game is to safely guide Snowball the cat safely across the platform, catch all the birds and mice that are scurrying about and eventually reach the exit door.

While this sounds like your typical platformer style game, the twist with RoTeam: Snowball World is that Snowball will have to change directions a few times before you can reach all the gameplay goals. The change in directions helps add to the gaming challenge that is already present with RoTeam: Snowball World.

The game could use a little fine-tuning, but overall RoTeam: Snowball World is a fun addition to the Windows 10 gaming library.

RoTeam: Snowball World

There's not much to the main menu of RoTeam: Snowball World. All that is present is the option to jump into gameplay, which sends you to the gaming level map. RoTeam: Snowball World has twenty worlds to conquer, each re-playable should the need arise.

The goal of the game is to guide Snowball the Cat across each platform level to collect a bird and mouse that are hanging out, find a key that will unlock the exit door and safely reach said exit door. Along the way, you will have to jump Snowball from the various platforms to avoid sending the cat falling to its fate. Along with the jumps you will need to clear, the game also includes deadly spikes to jump over and moving platforms that you will have to use to reach key areas of the platforms.

RoTeam: Snowball World

Your forward motion is automatic and to jump Snowball in the Windows Mobile version, you tap the lower half of the screen. The left mouse button with the PC version controls Snowball's jumps. You also have the ability to stop Snowball with the PC version (an option not available with the Windows Mobile version) by using the "Up" and "Right" arrow buttons on the keyboard.

The only way to stop Snowball's forward progress with the Windows Mobile version is to have him run up behind a huge brick. These immovable objects will stop Snowball and allow you to time his progress with moving platforms. The PC version also has these bricks, but the added benefit of keyboard commands to stop Snowball.

RoTeam: Snowball World

While RoTeam: Snowball World looks like your typical platformer game, gameplay does have an interesting twist with pillars (could be cat scratching posts) that will reverse Snowball's direction. All of the levels of gameplay will have Snowball travel in both directions at least once before the cat will get a chance at collecting the bird, mouse and key before heading to the exit door.

RoTeam: Snowball World

While these directional shifts are a necessity for success, they can also provide you with a second chance. If you miss a jump or cannot get to a bird or mouse, you can avoid the exit door by using the redirecting pillars to keep Snowball in the game and send him back to collect what he has missed.

Which way did he go?

RoTeam: Snowball World is a challenging platformer game with colorful graphics with a slight artistic flair.

I did like the directional shifts that were present with the game. Gameplay is already a test of your skills at timing to make the jumps at the right instance. Add the directional shifts and you really need to stay on your toes, especially when you have to immediately avoid obstacles or leap over voids.

The only downside I could find rests with the Windows Mobile version of the game. There were several times that taps would not register to jump Snowball and he would either miss a jump or run into a spiked danger. I did not experience any such issues with the Windows PC version of the game.

If you aren't sure about RoTeam: Snowball World, there is a trial version available to let you try things out. The full version is currently running $1.99. While the Mobile version could use a little fine-tuning, we found RoTeam: Snowball World to be a fun edition to the Windows 10 gaming line-up.

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