If you’re familiar with Rudy Huyn, all-star developer behind such great apps as TVShow and Wikipedia, then you should be as excited as we are for his next project: an unofficial Vine client (www.vine.co). Vine is like what Twitter is to blogging, in that in allows you to post video clips but that are limited to just six seconds in length, forcing some unique creativity.

With unofficial Instagram and now Snapchat apps either available or soon-to-be, Vine appears to be likely the next big thing for developers to tackle. Since there is no evidence (or rumors) that Vine has anything in the works for Windows Phone, it’s up to our indie devs to fill the gap.

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Luckily Huyn is one of the more capable developers on Windows Phone and this ‘alpha’ demo of the app, called ‘6Sec’ and built in a matter of hours, has his trademark elegance and style. We’ll of course keep you posted as this app nears release, but for now, you can just get teased by the above video.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, MagneticVizion and Len2K620, for the tips!