Rumor: Nokia to reveal "Catwalk" in London on May 14

Nokia's new product announcement in London is less than a week away, and as usual, the product to be revealed just got leaked in advance. Citing unnamed insider source, Chinese tech site WPDang claims that Nokia's London event is about just one device: the previously leaked "Catwalk" aka Lumia 925 930.

Catwalk reportedly sports a shell design with a mix of polycarbonate and aluminum, as depicted in the leaked picture up above. 

In terms of specs sheet, it's mostly identical to Lumia 920, with the following differences:

  • Lighter and thinner body.
  • No built-in Qi wireless charging module. But could work with wireless charging add-on like Lumia 720 does.
  • Even more advanced camera. Nightshot capability on par with Lumia 920, but with improved imaging quality under daylight.
  • Pre-loaded with WP8 GDR2.

Along with Catwalk, Nokia is also said to be releasing several new imaging apps in London. That's supposed to wrap the event up. No Nokia tablet like some might have expected, just Catwalk. The phone is believed to be "competitively priced", cheaper than Lumia 920 used to be when it first came around.

Also, WPDang noted that Catwalk is not Nokia's next flagship, but more like a slight bump up from Lumia 920 to spearhead the company's whole wave of new products for 2013. The real 2013 flagship is yet to come.

Souce: WPDang (1), (2)

Kane Gao