Runtastic releases four new fitness apps for Windows Phone 8

There are a handful of excellent fitness apps in the Windows Phone Store. One of my personal favorites for tracking my workouts is Runtastic. They’re a small mobile fitness company that have seen tremendous growth over the past year. I like to think hiring a full-time dev for Windows Phone helped with some of that growth.

Anyways, over the past year they’ve had two apps in the Windows Phone Store: Runtastic and Runtastic Pro. Both excellent apps that more or less were similar in features. However, on iOS and Android they have a host of other fitness apps. Those apps are now available for Windows Phone. Let’s check out their apps that will help you keep track of your push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and squats.

These four apps will track create training plans for you around the exercises and automatically count your reps as you do them. Here’s what each app features:

  • Three levels of sports science training plans, with an end goal of 30 pull-ups in one session
  • Count of pull-ups/sit-ups/squats using accelerometer
  • Count of completed push-ups by touching the screen with your nose
  • Automatic countdown timer for your break between sets
  • Voice Coach
  • Personal records and exercise statistics recorded and saved (i.e. monthly training statistics)
  • Leaderboard for personal records and overall repetitions: compare to others and see how you rank with your Runtastic friends
  • Upload workout activities to for future review, analysis, and comparison
  • Social media sharing: Share your strength and personal records with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail.

Runtastic Push Ups

It’s pretty clever how the apps work. For example, you’ll put your Windows Phone beneath your face as you dull push-ups. As you go down you’ll touch your nose on the screen to have the app register one rep. It then walks you through a little daily workout that it creates based on your fitness level. Each different app measure a rep in it’s own unique way. When doing pull-ups you put the phone in your pocket and let the accelerometer measure reps. Squats and sit-ups also take advantage of the accelerometer.

All workouts are saved automatically to your Runtastic account. Where you can track your progress and see how you improve over time. And like all good apps, they’ve gamified the experience and you’ll earn badges as you progress with each app.

Runtastic Sit Ups

Currently it is 2:00 AM in California right now, so I’m not too stoked to try out every single app at the moment. I did try out Runtastic Push-Ups and really like the premise of the app. Would it be nice to have all of them combined into one app? Most definitely. Performance was good and I didn’t notice any major bugs with the few moments spent playing around all the apps. Why am I giving you a quick mini-impression? Because there’s no trial for the apps at the moment and they’ll set you back $0.99 each. We’ll have a more hands-on look at these later.

In the meantime, if you want to try out the apps we’ve got your links to the Windows Phone Store below. QR codes too. The apps are currently 50% off for a limited time, so you might as well pick them up for a total of 4 buck if you’re on the fence.

Runtastic Push-Ups – Windows Phone Store

Runtastic Sit-Ups – Windows Phone Store

Runtastic Pull-Ups – Windows Phone Store

Runtastic Squats – Windows Phone Store

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Thanks for the tip Fabian!

Sam Sabri
  • I always wished they make these apps available for WP. Now they are here. It also indicates the growing popularity of WP.   EDIT: No trail version? They have trail versions on other platforms. Hope they provide the option.
  • I've been using Runtastic since they launched and you can get the regular ad supported version but don't waste your time just spend the .99 you won't be disappointed
  • Its about #MobileEqality I suppose.
  • Why even 4 apps? Why not built in one??????
  • That's my question?
  • That would be the obvious question. However it is good for someone like me who are just interested in a couple of them for right now. I'm only interested in the push up and sit up one. If they were all together,then it would increase the app size,and take away from your available memory. That could be a reason wh I guess.
  • It is a dumb move, I can see this being a useful app if it was one and they can even add more excercises to it with more updates, and have each option as an in app purchase. Having done it this way, I am not interested in buying the apps.
  • To make more money. 4 apps = $4, all built into one = $1.
  • Runtastic Pro is $4. If they put all these together, I would imagine $4
  • I'm sure you can take these versions out on the trail.
  • I had to stop using runtastic, the mile counter stops under lock screen.
  • Runtastic > settings > general > allow app to run under lockscreen. Works fine for me. If this doesn't work, you may want to re install the app.
  • Thanks but its allowed but have not tried reintalling app. Thank u
  • Always been working for me to. 
  • mine has also started loosing gps recently...did yours just start doing this? hate to leave them, it's been a great app. i also just started using new case...but didnt think that would cause it.
  • Never had problems while using my Lumia 920 now I'm using the 1520 and it goes blank.
  • I have had this issue and what the OP stated. My finding was that the app can run under lock screen, but it needs to be the last active app. If I start runtastic and then open Pandora, it will stop tracking until I go back to the runtastic app as the foreground app. It is pretty annoying. But I keep using the app as I love it. Note I haven't used it in months due to the winter.
  • Hey Sam, knowing you guys here are pretty big on fitness type stuff, what would you say is the best app to allow a person to tailor a workout regime to their specific needs? I use Gym Pocket Guide but it has limited full workout options (basically build muscle, or lose weight) and no progress indicators. Are there any other decent options available?
  • Try ProGym or Bodbot ;)
  • +Bodbot :)
  • I grabbed both of these apps as well, I think Bodbot is probably a little bit TOO full on for me, but feature wise it's pretty awesome (granted I've only looked at the website version, not the actual app yet), haven't had a chance to check out ProGym yet.
  • Give Gym PocketGuide Pro a try. With it you can make your own workouts - I'm happen to be the developer of Gym PocketGuide. Firstly, thanks for using my app and I'm looking to do a content update in February. If can elaborate on what you mean by progress indicators or have other feedback I'll keep it in mind as I finish off the update.
  • Ha, that's kind of exactly what I was looking for. Note to self: learn to click on things in the apps I use. By progress indicators I mean a way of chronicling what I have done and how that works towards my particular goal (whether it be weight loss/muscle building/whatever) I think your Pro app is what I am looking for, Thanks for the info. I think one thing that would benefit me specifically would be a set up in regards to nutrition that TELLS me what I should be eating based on whether I want to lose weight or whatever, something that will tell me the best meals to have to cater to my workout. There are a few apps where you can specify what you eat and they tell you how that relates to your optimal levels, but when it comes to the nutrition and eating habits I'm completely clueless (and I seem to be a person who struggles to lose weight no matter how hard I exercise so I feel like the food side if things is very important for me).  
  • You're the dev? That's awesome! Your app is great, I've been using it for a while and just wanted to drop by and say thanks for creating it. Have a great day!
  • Thanks Sergio! Really appericate the message. Glad you're liking the app and thanks for using it!
  • Lovely news. Unfortunately there no Swedish so its a no go for me.
  • It seems like you can speak English just fine...
  • Up late, Sam?
  • For you all? Always, but time for Zzzzzz now.
  • Lol
  • These would be great news....if I wasn't such a lazyass :)
  • Lol!
  • It would be nice if they'd put all of these together under a single Runtastic app with add ons. I'm using Caledos Runner for now on the phone but am not adverse to a change if something catches my interest.
  • What apps are you using for cycling?
  • Runtastic Pro :) 
  • There is Endomondo - which is pretty awesome. I'm lucky enough to have a dedicated GPS for my bike so I don't use the phone app very often. I like to save the battery for other stuff. :)  And I import to EndoMondo and Strava from my GPS.
  • I use cyclometer, it has some awesome features and I have found that it seems to hold the signal better than other apps on long rides and it does exactly what I need it to. I had used runtastic for cycling previously but it just didn't seem up to the task it lost signal a fair bit and I was constantly getting the wrong figures.
  • And exactly this morning I was thinking when they will release another apps like these from WP... Love Runtastic! :)
  • I didn't hesitate to spend the .99 for push up pro its very well made the design is smooth I don't need a cup of coffee today
  • Regarding other apps: Micoach + Speed Cell and HRM2 sensors is a great packaged solution.
  • Hey, Running Mate is free for limited time
  • Why can't they put it all in one app, so you can create workouts and mark them in a calendar? They could enable new features with inapp purchases
  • The apps are connected as long as you use the same account, and they can notify you when you are about to train. But I see your point! 
  • How do these apps compare to the hard fox apps or any of the other training apps out there?
  • Compared to other apps out there, I would say that these are most similar to the Hardfox suite, they offer simply a way to track specific activities like push ups or sits ups or things of that nature. They are actually really similar in function. I already use Runtastic PRO which I find amazing, but for now I'll stick to the Hardfox suite, I haven't finished my training with those and it is working so, if it ain't broken... Besides, the Hardfox guys are really good guys who have supported Windows Phone for a long time and they always make sure that their apps run on every single WP out there, so I'm hesitant to leave them. And again, I already use Runtastic so, I'm putting my eggs on every basket. :) Having said that, I'll probably try these apps out in the future. Why not?
  • Thanks, I really enjoy the hard fox apps, but these are only 99 cents, so I was curious! You have several good points though. Thanks again.
  • Quality apps, I don't mind paying a little for them. They look good and works great :) 
  • "6 Week Training" is free, integrate all workout in one app ! So those runastic app are scam !!
  • Hey lol, you totally right. I use it everyweek, and it's very good. 4 apps and no trial version? Runtastic is very miserable and i am afraid that after buying one of these apps i can be charged inside the app.. .They do this, and it's a shame! I might take only one of these 4, so i could test..
  • 6 Week training is a good app, but this is by no means a scam. The Runtastic apps sync with an account, and that account itself can sync to other apps you use to thing related to workouts like MyFitnessPal. They also have a much larger ecosystem with hardware like HRMs and scales and what have you. If you prefer 6 Week Training that's awesome, but they're really not the same thing.
  • Unfortunately, they are too much misarable. They charge you for the app, for training plans(until here it's ok), they charge you to have full acess in the website, etc..
    Now they launch 4 apps without trial? Well it's cheap, and i would buy it if i had no fear to be charged after buying the app. There are nice options for free(6 Week Training, which lead you to get better every training) or even paid in WP store but they come with 4 packs, not only one like runtastic. Probably i will just buy one for testing, maybe..
  • The Runtastic apps are quite good, you really should try them. But I won't put down the idea of saving a little bit of money, because hey, we could all use a little bit of extra money. I would suggest to you the Hardfox suite of apps, they are really similar to these ones and are completely free and backed by a gym with the same name. I've been using thm for a while now and can vouch that they actually make you work out. Just some friendly advice! :)
  • I just bought these apps from runtastic and i am not sure why(maybe due to online sync and my main run app is runtastic) ^^ but thanks for your words, gonna take them as an advice and check the app as well. I just feel bad with runtastic sometimes because they exceed the usual capitalists; See you!
  • Oh the good folks at Runtastic are at it again. They always make quality apps and I actually like them a lot.. Kudos to the team at Runtastic for shipping this product and good luck to everyone who tries them. May you have a hot body in your future, be it yours or someone else's. :) Just for the nostalgia, I found this video in which they explained their partnership with Microsoft for creating the original Runtastic app way back when.
  • "This app not available because it requires: GYROSCOPE" What fhe tuck!
  • Having a separate app for each of these is a little ridiculous.
  • Not bad apps tbh.  Well done Runtastic. Just wish they would release an updated Runtastic Pro which uses a practical Bluetooth HRM. Small steps...
  • Like Pokémon I had to catch em all.
  • -521
  • Make it one app then I'll buy it.
  • All I want from Runtastic is for their Runtastic Bluetooth HRM to work with their WP app.  That's all.  Nothing more.  I use the app daily and pray to the God who loves me that this will happen soon. 
  • Great work Runtastic. Please Also feature our high quality premium Fitness Apps for windows phone. Pushups,Situps.Squats.Pullups. Free Download Trail version: Thanks
  • 6WeekTraining has it all and it's freeeee!