Russian mobile operator Beeline launching carrier billing on Windows Phone

Russian mobile operator Beeline has announced on Twitter that the network will support carrier billing on Windows Phone this coming summer. Consumers will then be able to add apps and games purchased on the Windows Phone Store to the monthly invoice, opening up the catalogue of content to those who don't wish (or are unable) to use debit / credit cards.

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Rough translation of the above tweet:

"@dark_online Hello! Ability to pay for purchases of MOStore appear in June - July 2013 Follow the news on the site. # beeline"

We've previously seen the likes of Vimpelcom hop on the Windows Phone carrier billing train. It's good to see more companies taking advantage of available features to enhance customer mobile experience.

Source: Twitter (@Beeline_RUS), via:

Rich Edmonds
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  • Off topic
    I dunno why the wpcentral is not showing the counting's although I have activated live tile and bought the app
  • Go to settings, swipe to Live Tile and make sure the live tile setting is set to on. Also under Live tile setting to go customize tile, and set plain count type to on. Unpin the app, then repin it again. Restart your phone and see if it works now...
  • Thanks! I wasn't aware of the plain count.
  • Finally,been waiting for this for ages! Hopefully this will come to Portugal too.
  • Off topic, but when will NFC payments be available, specifically in the US?
  • Simple answer is when it is in the carriers, visa, and MasterCard interest to do so, based on the above not any time soon
  • They are waiting for Apple.
  • ^^^
  • Anytime a carrier announces more support for windows phone in response to competition is a win for the platform
  • Beeline and Vympelcom is the same carrier. The last sentence of the article is irrelevant.