Safari in iOS5 outperforms IE9 in Mango (UPDATED)

Remember a while back where we were rejoicing and taking smugness to a whole new level with IE9's hardware acceleration putting it in another dimension compared to other platforms in a HTML5 speed test (opens in new tab)? Well, it seems Apple have grown tired in copying Windows Phone 7 in terms of features to play catch up while ahead and have instead focused on toughening up their mobile web browser - Safari.

In the tests ran at MIX earlier this year, Windows Phone 7 achieved an FPS (frames per second) count of 25, compared to Android's 11 and 2 with iOS4. We are now seeing with iOS5 a significant improvement of around 28 FPS, which is great for Microsoft and developers for Windows when you think about the long-term potential impact. Apple hates Flash, Microsoft is adopting HTML5 and continued development into this technology from both sides to increase functionality and speed of both computers and mobile devices can only mean a healthier system and experience for developers end-users.

Although iOS may have the upper hand thus far, we must remember that WP7's benchmark was ran at MIX, let's see how IE9 runs at release later this year (it seemed pretty snappy in our Mango preview video).

There's two videos after the break, one of iOS 5 Safari in action (speed test) and the other of IE9 in the Mango preview (general use).

 Via: WinRumors

UPDATE: More data is coming in on this issue and it appears our first conclusion might have been premature. After running roughly 30 tests to determine the frames per second of IE9 (running on Mango), thenextweb has determined that IE9 runs no slower than 25fps and as high as 45fps. We'll keep an eye on things to see how all this shakes out.  If these numbers hold true, IE9 will easily be able to hold its own against iOS.

Thanks goes out to Babse and Brianna for tipping us on the updated info!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Jobs probably locked up the Safari mobile team and wouldn't let them leave till iOS5 could beat IE9 mobile in that specific test. Which, by the way, I doubt will last long by the time MS is done with mango.
  • it doesnt beat IE9 anymore, that fps number was from MIX, the preview units sent to the media get over 40 fps on the speed test.
  • my favorite part of all this is that IE9 was the first browser to make apple improve their own. Androids laggy peice of garbage browser sure didnt make apple get up and make it faster/better.
  • This is the crux of the problem for Microsoft. They're chasing a moving target. Lots of great features coming in Mango, but no one can say with any amount of confidence that Mango will reach the marketplace prior to iOS5 or Android FruitBreadSugarConeSnack. Microsoft needs to work a quicker pace to attain feature parity with their competition. There will be Windows Phone users still waiting for Mango in 2012. That's going to breed a lot of ill will.
  • Feature parity? Are you talking about the features that Apple will release with iOS5 that Microsoft released in WP7 last October? Yes, Apple is chasing a moving target.
  • Oh get off it.. All these damn smartphones are going for the same features. You don't think there were features that were on iOS4 that weren't on WP7? There's still a lot that WP7 doesn't have.. VoIP for one. Where as on iOS you can use Acrobits, iSIP, Bria, Google Talk that actually works. Not to mention messenger programs that actually works. Apple's iOS app store is so much more functional then WP7 Marketplace.
  • Hey, iDouche, I'm not the one who originally claimed one OS is always chasing another. The fact is, none of these OSes is a superset of another. They all have overlap, and they all have features that the others don't.What is this "functional" nonsense? Having to sift through 300K crappy apps to get something already built into WP7 isn't "functional".
  • i agree with u on everything, however i strongly believe android is a "superset"/carbon-copy of iOS, from the UI of icons, to the menu system, to notifications
  • the ios test is only faster than the 25 fps demonstrated for Mango at MIX11.What they did not taken into account was that Mango has continued to improve itself, and in testing done by The Next Web Windows Phone 7 repeatedly hit 41 FPS, and this is of course with a Snapdragon processor generations older than that in the iPhone 4.While it seems the iPhone did a lot to catch up with Windows Phone 7 in iOS5, like with many other features Apple stole from Windows Phone 7 Apple still has a long way to go to do it better.
  • "Android FruitBreadSugarConeSnack"Just lol... :-)
  • No surprise there considering that iPhone 4 runs on Samsung Hummingbird (aka Apple A4).
  • In a sense you could say that put the heat on Apple to get their browser to run faster. They were probably already doing it but at least it kinda looks like a response to Mango making it look bad. :)
  • If iOS5 hits the market prior to Mango, it won't be iOS5 that will look bad (in regard to browser speed).
  • 3 FPS difference isn't going to make anything look bad especially when the WP7 processor is a year older than the one in the iPhone 4.
  • Oh you could argue that Mango is in response to their current **** IE browser that's on WP7 in the first place, which Safari already blew out of the water when WP7 was first released and hasn't gotten any better. When mango finally releases IE9 for WP7 maybe it'll finally be a browser you can begin to talk about rather then be embarrassed about.
  • Obvious Apple fanboy is obvious.
  • Oh come on, give him some credit. IE on current WP7 is not all that great, let's admit it. It's not bad, but Safari performs much better. Let's hope IE9 and Mango will change that.Anyway, 30fps or 40fps ? Guys, that's a phone...does it really matter that much ?
  • Did that iOS device have the cache cleared? It looked like it had just loaded the page (who knows how many times). I'm skeptical...
  • This is also not an official Apple demo video. It was made by some Russian dev who could have easily overclocked his device.
  • Mobile browsers keep getting faster. Mobile web pages keep getting more simplistic. :D
  • This comparision is not actual :) mangos IE9 is still faster than iOS' safari ;-)Look here: here:
  • Yup Actually IE9 is still quicker. Read above.
  • Newer build of Mango is still faster than iOS 5: