Samsung ATIV S available for pre-order at Clove UK

UK retailer Clove has announced on its official blog the listing of the upcoming Samsung ATIV S. The Windows Phone is now ready to pre-order for £442.80, including VAT. Samsung unveiled the Apollo smartphone at the company's presentation at IFA 2012 in Berlin. Featuring a metallic hairline finish, as well as a minimal deisgn, the ATIV S is a unique device being only 8.7mm thick.

The beast of a handset sports a 4.8" S-AMOLED display (720x1280), dual-core 1.5 CPU, 16GB (plus expandable SD support up to 32GB), 1GB RAM, 8MP camera (1.9MP FFC), 2300mAh battery and comes with NFC and DLNA support.

Samsung ATIV S

An interesting point is presented in the description:

"While there are not necessarily hardware features included with the Ativ S that will make it stand out from its Android competitors, its compatibility with the desktop version of Windows 8 gives it a different kind of sparkle to the range of smartphones that are already out there."

We're closely approaching the launch of Windows Phone 8, with events in San Francisco and London that are set to unveil the magic.

Source: Clove UK

Rich Edmonds
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