Samsung ATIV S gets priced for Russian market, available this coming February

The Samsung ATIV S, the company's flagship Windows Phone has been priced for Russia. According to, the Windows Phone will be available in the first week of February for 24.990 rubles (approximately $830). It's an aggressive price to battle against the Lumia 920, but offers an SD slot and a slimmer design / build, which many consumers may prefer.

As a small reminder on what the ATIVS sports, we're looking at a dual-core Snapdragon 1.5GHz chip, 1GB RAM, 16 / 32GB storage (with SD support, 8MP rear shooter (with FFC), and a 2300mAh battery. It's a well-built device and runs Windows Phone without any issues. We've previously taken the ATIV S for a spin, be sure to check out our coverage.

As well as the Lumia 920 and ATIV S, Russia will also be experiencing Huawei hardware with the Ascend W1 launching soon. With a planned release of February, the Ascend W1 is the cheapest option of the trio with a price tag of just 11.990 rubles ($400). Huawei matches Samsung and Nokia in the 4-inch display region, with a 2000mAh battery and dual-core CPU.

Source:, via:; thanks, Denis and Freddie, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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