Samsung Focus S hands on [Video]

AT&T has already announced that the Samsung Focus S will be hitting the U.S on November 6th (opens in new tab), and we already know that this handset will be a worthy upgrade from the first generation Focus. But in case we've forgotten what's coming, PhoneDog has taken a quick look at Samsung's latest Windows Phone running Mango and we must say that it looks more slick with every video we watch.

The Focus S sports a 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen, a thin and light body, 16GB storage, 1.5GHz CPU, and an 8MP rear camera (with a FF 1.3MP). The device is set be available on AT&T on November 6th, for $199.99.

Source: PhoneDog (opens in new tab), via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'll be cancelling my T-Mobile contract early (DVP) to get this ASAP. Either this or Titan but I kinda like Samsung better so this seems to be winning.Getting my dad on the Focus Flash though.
  • how are people who are in the cell phone reviewing business so clueless about features of the various platforms, i mean really, there's only 4 major smartphone platforms, how hard is it to know what each one offers?ie, windows phone has ALWAYS been able to uninstall carrier bloat, something that android handsets are just barely now starting to allow. and is it 1.4GHz or 1.5?also, where do they say it has 16GB? all i want is one freaking picture of the about screen, yet all of the internets is actively stomping on my dream.all this secrecy around storage and expandability makes it seem as they have this ace in the hole where they will be all "surprise! 32GB + uSD!"but they will probably also joing the collective dream stomping and just say 16GB and no uSD, which is okay, but i just want to know! :|
  • I will be extremely disappointed if the device does not allow a user to have 32GB of storage minimum. I am pissed because I was looking forward to replacing my original Focus this weekend. I don't want to have to wait for Nokia in 2012.
  • Does anyone know if this the Focus S has DLNA? Can you run the Allshare app on it?
  • If you can't run the allshare app on this then what would that app be for? I'm sure it works.
  • Well I have heard the Focus can't run the Allshare app so I wanted to make sure this did.
  • Also it does not appear to be pre installed so I assume it would be available in the Samsung App store.
  • Adiliyo is right, the people demonstrating these phone are clueless. Uninstalling bloatware has been native to WP7 since inception, it's not new! And demonstrate some true capabilities instead of tiles with # of missed calls, messages, etc. I'm really starting to believe that these people are trying to deliberately sabotage WP7. NOTE: IF YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PHONE, PLEASE DON'T POST A VIDEO OF YOURSELF DEMOING IT; IT GIVES PEOPLE CONSIDERING MIGRATING FROM ANOTHER PLATFORM THE WRONG MESSAGE. Furthermore, will the administrators of this site please review the videos before posting.
  • This. I'm SO tired of reading this hands-on/reviews coming from authors that don't have an OUNCE of research on WP7. It's a turn off for me to continue. Sorry but it is. While on one hand, it's good that these phones are getting noticed and WP7 is getting some media coverage, the lack of knowledge AND comprehension of the OS seems to have a NEGATIVE impact for new users/interested buyers. I mean really? Why in the **** are you worried about lack of dual core and other pointless specs when WP7 was optimized for a smooth experience at 1Gh single core processors? *sigh* Oh well.
  • I, too, am curious about the processor: every other article reports 1.4GHz (well, the 1.5GHz chip set used in the Titan but under-clocked to 1.4GHz). WPCentral is the only site reporting 1.5GHz. Any chance we might get a bit of clarification if you get a chance? Thanks!EDIT: Sorry, I did a bit of digging. Samsung's product site clarifies that this is 1.4GHz, 16GB storage. You can read more here: you can buy the thing this very Sunday, if you so choose.
  • Actually I checked out the website, and no where did it say it had 16GB of storage!It also talked about Adobe Flash Technology which was interesting...
  • I'm going to wait for the Nokia 900 now. Given the battery specs from phone Arena, I'm not impressed. Something about the phone just feels less **** than the original Focus or the 900 too.
  • Definitely disappointing that it's only 16GB. Everything else makes it look like a real winner... Like Dark Mirage said, hopefully that Nokia 900 is real (I don't doubt that it is), and hopefully they fix the camera optics to make it competitive with the high-end Android and iPhone phones that are out at that time.I'm not gonna front, I'm really pulling for WP7 to succeed, but if they're not gonna match Android and iOS on a hardware front, I will be forced to switch. I'd hate to leave Zune, but I'm almost to that point.
  • engadget did say that the camera was faster than the iphone4s and most android devices, but not as fast as the galaxy nexus.personally, i'm pretty fond of samsung's optics, they are much better than HTC and motorola, on par with the iphone, and the only ones who could do it better would probably be nokia.personally, i'm getting this phone, if/when the 900 comes out, i'll switch if it proves to be something better/unique, but with the 800 being quite "meh" aside from the industrial design, i'm not holding my breath.
  • Agreed. I too am waiting for the Nokia Ace (aka 900) to see what they have in store. I fully believe they will pack in quite a number of features (NFC, FFC, larger storage sizes, etc.) Their industrial design of the 800 is extremely tantalizing, but not enough for me to concider it if and when the 800 is released into the US.
  • i still have yet to see anything definitive as to how much storage is on it. (and won't be satisfied until it's either on AT&T's or samsungs product page, or a picture of the about screen) the samsung page doesn't list storage, but they do show 1.4, which is what i figured it was, and just assumed the WPcentral article had a typo in it.and yea, how one can spend probably 30% of the time in a preview explaining that it comes with att apps is beyond me when the device is one that has been handled so little prior to its release.i really really regret not going to the insider party in los angeles last week after work, i could have single handedly saved the internet.
  • WTF no more videos of clueless people demoing WP7.5 really even on dedicated WP sights like this we have to put up with that ****
  • I called my local Att store today and asked about the storage of the Focus S. The guy put me on hold to check his computer and then said "16GB internal". Now, why specify "internal"? Does that mean there is a slight a chance it might also have "external" storage capabilities? Why can't someone do a proper hands on, and take a look at the "about" screen. Also take the damn back cover off and check for a memory slot. Jeesh!
  • The reviewer really seems to know his ANDROID stuff as he made more than a couple of references... heh.
  • You would think ATT would have the focus s & flash listed on their site, but no, their only showing the old focus & hd7. This is ridiculous, not to have them listed while they currently have every version the iPhone. They also had the iPhone 4s available for pre-order. The devices are due out tomorrow, Nov. 6, yet they aren't listed; I'm an att customer and I'm sick of the treatment wp7 is receiving :[
  • I'm sure they'll be there Sunday morning. Going to my ATT store in the afternoon-they better have them out!!