Samsung Introduces T-Omnia in Korea - 480x800 Resolution

Samsung has introduced the T-Omnia (or is it T*Omnia?) in Korea. It's nearly identical to the current Samsung Omnia (which we're still hoping will hit Verizon soon) with one important difference: the resolution on thing is a screen-busting 800x480 pixels on a 3.3 inch screen.

It looks to come with Windows Mobile 6.1, come in models with either 4gb or 16gb of storage built-in, and also feature Korean-specific features like DMB-TV.

Engadget reported last week that the Ballmer himself headed over there to praise the T-Omnia, giving it your standard smartphone boilerplate kudos.

It looks like it should launch for really real SK Telecom under the Anycall brand later this month. A US version, well, that's likely to be a much longer-way off, if we see it at all.

WC Staff