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Samsung Omnia 7 gets a teardown; no onboard SD card

Someone had some extra time at XDA and went the extra mile, tearing down their Omnia 7 to its barest parts. Pretty amazing to see it all stripped down.

Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung opted for soldered NAND memory instead of an replaceable microSD card, meaning the Omnia 7 is stuck at just 8GB (or 16GB on some models) for eternity. Of course, this makes us wonder about the decision process in regards to memory and it being user-replaceable or not. It seems that if Samsung never wanted you to touch it, they would just use NAND, which we now know they have access to and no problem using.

Source: XDA; via Windows Phone Hacker

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  • You know, on the plus side having it internal like this does/should give you overall better performance in the end. So ya, you are stuck but you should get better overall load times on apps and games I'd say. I'm sure someones going to test this theory of mine at some point.
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