Samsung Omnia (non-US) Gets a New Rom

Good news for people waiting for the Omnia on Verizon (and yes, possibly AT&T): Samsung is continuing to work on their customizations on top of Windows Mobile. Their latest “Singapore ROM” has new (and needed) features like flick-scrolling, more screen animations, a better build of Opera 9.5, and a new profiles widget for their TouchWiz interface. If you're a dirty importer (like we were when we got the Omnia), you can grab the new ROM here.

Samsung is behind the curve on touch-only interfaces compared to HTC, but they seem to be catching up right quick. Part of this is just getting more feedback and experience with Windows Mobile, we're sure, but part of it is also that Samsung really seems to be pumping a lot of resources into this TouchWiz thing. They're using it as the only interface for their touch-only featurephone+ devices like the Samsung Behold, so the fact that they can also add it on top of Windows Mobile is a potential time saver for them and a big advantage.

Now, if only the new ROM could replace the optical mouse. Seriously, Samsung, listen to us: We. Don't. Like. It.

[via pocketnow]

WC Staff