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Samsung's Windows Mixed Reality headset isn't coming to Europe

Speaking with The Verge, a Samsung spokesperson said that the Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset will be released in the U.S., but it won't be coming to Europe. There's no indication as to why Samsung is skipping the European market, but it's a move that will likely come as a disappointment to some.

Samsung's Odyssey headset is largely seen as the frontrunner among the current lineup of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. While most of the headsets feature very similar specs, Samsung's offering stands out from the pack with OLED 1400x1600 displays and a wider, 110-degree field-of-view. The Odyssey also packs its own set of integrated headphones. The headset also comes at a premium of $499.

Microsoft only just added support for Windows Mixed Reality in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which launched this week alongside a lineup of headsets from hardware partners like Acer, HP, Lenovo, and Dell. Samsung's headset is set to launch on November 6 in the U.S. for $499.

Samsung HMD Odyssey: Hands on with a 'premium' Mixed Reality headset

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  • When it was announced they said it would be US, China, Korea, Brazil and Hong Kong. So no real surpirse.
  • Also available for preorder in Canada
  • Brazil? Seriously? Before Europe? That'd be a first if true.
  • Brazil? Awesome.
  • Anyone know if Australia is on thier road-map? It's often one of a handful of countries, that get Samsung or MS-related services/products first (or ever).
  • That sucks. I'm sorry for our European friends. Hopefully Samsung changes their mind in the future.
  • Trade isn't only up to the manufacturer.. Politics, man.. Politics.
  • Many companies don't care about customers outside the US or Asia
  • Coolzers
  • Well I won't be jumping on the VR bandwagon then. Shame on u Samsung
  • So for you it was Samsung or nothing? That headset is a bit better, but not that much better.
  • Shame on your government.
  • I own a Samsung Galaxy s7 and a Samsung Flatscreen TV, Samsung is huge here in the Netherlands and despite that fact I'm still denied to purchase their Windows Mixed Reality Headset in my local store. My government has absolutely nothing to do with this! The blame is completely on Samsung!
  • That was the one I was looking to... and I'm in Europe. And I won't buy a cheaper one because it's not available... I guess it's no WMR for me then :(
  • This situation doesn't help Microsoft get their VR services to a wider market
  • Gladly, the world doesn't end with Samsung. There's a lot of other partners with good MR hardware, and more are coming.
  • Everyone has its preferences, mine go to an AMOLED display over a LCD. In all the WMR headsets, only the samsung had it.
  • How about the Asus MR set then? 
  • Sounds like they're not necessarily confident in it and are doing a small rollout
  • That's an assumption. We really have no idea why it isn't going to be available in Europe at first release
  • I think, considering Microsoft's history of burning OEMs as well as customers, it is a pretty safe assumption. OEMs are going to be as leary about MS as the rest of us by this point.
  • Pity, but it's their loss. If this is their choice, money that people would give them goes to another manufacturer which does have an interest in getting money from European people. Again, their loss.
  • I expect Samsung will roll it out further once MS have demonstrated they aren't going to reboot or retrench or otherwise fanny about with MR and ruin another market for their oft burnt OEMs.
  • Why the hell is everything Windows-related so U.S. centric? Windows Phone had almost 10% marketshare in Europe at it's peak yet those ... simpleminds decided that launching Cortana in U.S. only (with a 2% marketshare) was a good idea. And now WMR could be big in Europe but nooooo, we won't launch it.
    Completely idiotic moves.
  • Does Microsoft make any smart moves lately? Not surprising, the company is ran by idiots.
  • They better have a good reason why they are skipping Europe, it's a very large and lucrative market as many have the disposable income to spend on gadgets.
  • I'll wait till VR headsets no longer look as retarded as this. Come on guys, you can do it. Microsoft must release a Hololens with both VR and IR that looks good as a guide for OEM's