Satya Nadella named Fortune's Businessperson of the Year

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella (Image credit: Windows Central)

Satya Nadella

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Fortune named Satya Nadella as its Businessperson of the Year for 2019.
  • Nadella scored points for his unique background and the wide berth he gives his leadership team.
  • Under Nadella's leadership, Microsoft has help drive Microsoft's market cap above $1 trillion.

Fortune recently released its Businessperson of the Year rankings for 2019, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the top spot. Fortune cites Microsoft's break from the company culture of the Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer years, along with success that has lead the company to crack a $1 trillion market cap.

Nadella's ranking comes partially as a result of his willingness to embrace the skills of his leadership team, Fortune says. That team includes Microsoft chief legal officer and president Brad Smith, chief financial officer Amy Hood, and chief people officer Kathleen Hogan.

"It's not that Nadella lacks an ego, and the robust financial results his company has racked up give him undeniable bragging rights," Fortune says. "The company earned $39 billion on revenue of $126 billion in fiscal 2019, while growing revenue at a three-year compound annual rate of 11%."

"CEOs can only do what they do if they have an amazing team," Nadella told Fortune. "I'm blessed to have that."

Fortune says that it initially ranks its contenders based on a set of 10 financial factors, "ranging from total return to shareholders to return on capital." After that, it searches for those leaders who stand out from the pack to compile its final list.

You can check out the full writeup on Nadella, along with the rest of the top ten, at Fortune.

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  • So, let's hear it, Windows Phone whiners. Still think Satya Nadella is the worst thing to ever happen to MS? He did his job, and now MS is a trillion dollar company.
  • Would have been either way... I actually like him.... But MS has always been a Goliath meant to be a trillion dollar company... It'smm was just a joke when people where talking about the GAFA without the M... It has pretty much a gazillion thing that makes it a way more serious behemoth than at least 3 of the 4 GAFA... And people can call me a fan boy... I don't care all that matters is my stock portfolio and MS has, is and will be in it longer than any of the other during my lifetime... And will profite for me... (not saying the other didn't, but not for as long and I can't see all of them holding for the long hall)
  • Yes, he increased the market value of the company and for that we can give applause
    I note however that the initial vetting was exclusively financial and made no reference to either vision or client satisfaction. I suspect that developers would not rank him so highly after the way he's dropped them in dark brown smelly stuff.
  • There is is one word missing in your statement:
    "He did his job, and now MS is a trillion dollar company." should read
    He did his job, and now MS is a trillion dollar company again. They have been there before......
  • If that is how you perceive the complaint, then you're clearly not paying attention. Nobody's suggesting he wouldn't/hasn't made the company money (or its stockholders). The complaint from the very beginning has been that he is horrible as a CEO when it comes to caring a flip about many of us as CONSUMERS. I've made this quite clear many times. As a consumer, I don't care about stockholders. I care about the products a company makes that I want to purchase. So, yes, I stick by my opinion that Satya Nadella sucks. And I'd glad tell that to his face if I ever had the chance. For many consumers, he sucks. For stockholders, he's their bi__h.
  • Microsoft has been business-first for 40 years. Their effect on the consumer market was a spillover. Why don't you become a fanboy of a consumer-oriented company? I hear Apple is always hiring unpaid salesman.
  • Microsoft's consumer offerings have always been mediocre. Maybe they were ok in 2005 when they had no competition, but today there is zero reasons to use their services outside work. Check out Apple, they have a solid consumer ecosystem that covers everything you could need. You wouldn't have to worry about them shutting down services.
  • Over priced, design over function, walled garden, sycophantic fans, highly profitable, appearing to appropriately address their over dependence on a single product.
  • Dont be to overconfident with apple, theres a reason theyre trying subscription services and being abit more open (i.e. implementing apple tv with tv manufacturers) because they know their main money earner (iOS devices) fall in the category of 'fad' which is generally what mass consumer products tend to be. Not long ago once apple hit the trillion dollar market cap, their iPhone sales went down 15% and their market value plummeted by like 25%! While apple seems invincible in the consumer space, so was Nokia, Motorola, nintendo, sega etc. Something new and innovative always pops up down the line which is good for us consumers, when is another question.
  • I think I shall hurl.
  • More importantly though... this dude's hands always creep me out
  • I like cake.