Satya Nadella pledges to make Microsoft a better and more diverse place to work

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has given a pledge to his employees to make Microsoft a better and more diverse place to work, in the wake of comments he made last week at the annual Grace Hopper Conference that suggested women should not ask for pay raises.

Nadella later recanted and apologized for those remarks, calling them "completely wrong" in a mass email to employees. On Wednesday, Nadella sent out another email to his workers that GeekWire obtained.that had him once again apologizing for those statements and said that it has been a "humbling and learning experience" since he made those remarks, which he now says were "just plain wrong." He did try to offer an explanation of why he suggested women should not ask for raises, saying:

"For context, I had received this advice from my mentors and followed it in my own career. I do believe that at Microsoft in general good work is rewarded, and I have seen it many times here. But my advice underestimated exclusion and bias — conscious and unconscious — that can hold people back. Any advice that advocates passivity in the face of bias is wrong. Leaders need to act and shape the culture to root out biases and create an environment where everyone can effectively advocate for themselves."

Nadella says he is "100 percent committed" to making Microsoft a better and more diverse place to work and pledged to improve on three specific topics going forward: making sure equal work gets equal pay for all employees, a better effort to recruit a more diverse group of team members and an expansion of internal training among workers "on how to foster an inclusive culture." He added:

"When I took on my role as CEO I got advice to be bold and be right. Going to the Grace Hopper conference to further the discussion on women in technology was bold, yet my answer to a key question was not right. I learned, and we will together use this learning to galvanize the company for positive change."

Do you believe Nadella will be successful in making Microsoft a place that offers equality for all of its employees?

Source: GeekWire

John Callaham
  • "Diverse" means developing for other devices first.
  • Thats what they are doing! Arent they?
  • Why I'm looking hard at an iPhone. Can keep all the MS centric stuff I use, a stable and complete OS, a lot more 3rd party OEM professional apps that will make my life easier, and far better media handling, updates are not carrier dependent, non NSA device encryption.
  • Not sure if serious
  • Yes and not for developing their own. Sacrificing your own for the benefit of others.
  • He's going to go down as the Microsoft CEO who killed Windows.
  • Honestly...i think so. Sure iOS and Android have more users but it makes no business sense to neglect your own platform. Mind you if they were doing all 3 justice at the same time that would be ok. But they are not and that is a major problem for me as a stock holder.
  • As a WP user, I can't disagree.
    But speaking of Microsoft's perspective, "Microsoft first, WP later." At the end of the day, it all comes down to your business profit... (if you know what I mean)
  • I think you have that wrong.  Windows will continue to grow and change and improve. If anything, he's going to go down as the CEO that killed Microsoft's hardware and entertainment division (yes that means Xbox, Windows Phones, Surface).  From the outside looking in, the trend looks to be that Microsoft will become more like IBM and less like Apple.  I think the sales numbers reflect that is a battle they just can't win, so they will stick to improving where they dominate, which is the enterprise market. 
  • I agree.  The notion that nadella is going to kill MSFT is ridiculous.   He's just reacting to the reality of the situation MSFT finds itself in.   If people don't like what he's doing then blame Balmer because this situation evolved into their current reality under his watch.    I don't think people realize how dire the situation is.   Of course not today, but if they don't get this train back on the rails, in 5 years they will be fighting a hostile takeover by Google or Apple, or, in discussions to merge or be bought out by them.   MSFT still has some strong assets and dominates the desktop platform.   But that will disappear in 5 years also if they don't get going NOW.
  • Microsoft will surely rise with their Mobile Line Up of 2015 surely!! And Windows 10 will follow suit!!
  • Not if they don't get marketing right!!! Marketing is MS's biggest issue.. It doesn't matter how good the scope of W10 is if the average consumer isn't bombarded by it.
  • Actually under Nadella they've made Windows more viable then ever before. They've dropped licensing fees. They've focused on incredible budget items in phones and tablets, and they're working with every OEM to bring Windows to their device (HTC one, yoga tablet, etc.) He's definitely aggressively trying to keep Windows strong.
  • Developing for other devices means that they are first targeting a bigger number of users(Android and Apple users) and then luring them to their own devices through quality applications and services!!
    Google not releasing their applications and services on Windows won't hurt them as they already have a big market share..But will surely hurt Microsoft if they do the same as they are on a life support system right now in regard to Windows Phones!!
  • I partially agree with the idea of bringing mass to your platform through their own means, by luring them. But, is it that simple? Not everyone I know shall switch over platforms so easily just because they're impressed by some apps, specially when majority of mass (i.e, budget class) is taken into consideration. In addition to that, why would anyone switch over to another platform when they get the same (or better) treatment from the same exact company?
    And yes, Google doesn't care about the number of users they're losing on WP because it doesn't really affect them much.
  • They tried it before with the Nokia X series and yes with a separate entity The Microsoft Office..And they will make sure that apps like Skype and Linc and others make their way to other platforms..And they are not tied to WP in particular!!Luring people is not that simple but what other way can you suggest Microsoft?? Force people to buy WP??(Maybe on gunpoints!!) And you just repeated what I said regarding Google..Am I missing something else??
  • Ways to suggest? There are plenty of them regarding their poor marketing strategy (saw the recent Lumia 630 Ad? It's nowhere pleasing to those of galaxy series... They wont show any of the phone's most amazing features. What do you make of a student standing straight with a phone in his hand and describing offices?) and missing basic functionalities already present in other platforms. Microsoft needs to fill the basic holes inside WP first! Poor Skype(now that I'm using it, I know what those guys at the store yell about), No easy way to send a simple MP3/downloaded video file on WhatsApp... Not to mention the situation of the Xbox music player (experience on a 512mb device is simply pathetic)..... I know, privacy and security are the two major aspects WP is known for (and I love that) but a certain limit is expected! A completely closed system (because of too less APIs) not only refrain developers' interest in, but also make the platform incomparable with it's rivals. These are some of the things Microsoft needs to get it right before updating Skype on Android, for example.
    Regarding Google, I initiated as "And *yes*,"....
  • Marketing=Luring people through visuals!!
    What 'amazing' features exactly??
    Even the Galaxy ad doesn't give a clue about the Android OS(just completing tasks in a wedding?? Duh!!) And do a phone's features seem dull if a person is standing straight?? C'mon..And he also describes about Here Maps,,Word Flow,,It's camera specifications and about the 630's fluidity!! What else is in that phone?? You were expecting him to tell about the phone's processor,,RAM and all?? Yes,,Cortana isn't here in India but soon will be!!
    WP is developing and even Android doesn't have a decent stock Music Player or a browser..All the nice ones are third party made and it's not Microsoft's problem that devs aren't concentrating on WP!!(I know some devs personally who make text-based apps and boost a lot)Skype and WhatsApp and?? What else??
    And you're sayin that they shouldn't update Skype on Android cause the WP app isn't perfect?? C'mon get a life!!
    And regarding google *I got it..Be clear from next time*!!
  • Yes, the commercial is simply boring. And it looks dull too. The way they make commercials are dumb, too classic and unprofessional ...its not something that'll really capture your attention as a TV commercial. Why do you think the video got so many dislikes then?
    Compare it with any of the Galaxy series ads (I remember one dumb phone, it was
    And by amazing,I meant exclusive Lumia apps, Camera clarity, Low light photography, a little brief of tiles, fluid gameplay, let alone Cortana. He showed none of them. Why would I expect Processor.... RAM? It's better if they don't mention it! Consumers don't have much idea how they work platform-wise. They'll more likely complain "What? A 512MB RAM phone at this hefty tag?"
    Sure, WP is developing. It's just that they're slower than time. Would like to know more about those text-based apps developer who "boost" a lot LMAO!!!
    Dude, the list of Skype and WhatsApp didn't end here. Don't act as if you know nothing, accept the truth already. Get real.
  • Well add some names to the list then..Am dark on that side!!
    And bub commercials are on a average of 10-15 seconds only..Do ye expect Microsoft to make someone swipe over a WP's start screen?? And fluid gameplay?? A thing which can already be experienced on other platforms!! Not a nice thing..Nah!! Low-Light and other camera features,,Yes they can show those!!
    What exactly do you mean by 'slower than time'?? iPhone got developed as there wasn't any competition in the mobile market/business at that time and Android as they were cheaper and application making in it was easy and devs got more flexibility in that fully open OS(that I consider as their biggest mistake)!!
  • In addition to Skype and WhatsApp... facebook? Twitter? PDF reader? YouTube? Inferior office experience on WP? Unseen moonlight updates eh?...
    BTW, that's a 31 seconds video and that's quiet a lot of time to showcase those features. It's matter of intelligent marketing which if ignored, often results in utter crap like the one above ...something that Microsoft seriously needs to learn from Samesung!!!
    Don't involve iSheep in between. If Microsoft is late into mobile marketing, it's not Apple's fault.
    You mean making the OS open source was their biggest mistake right? RE-THINK.
    In fact, that's exactly how Windows captured the desktop market. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying that WP should go open source but as I told before, more APIs are required. Just look at the windows phone dev section requests at to know in detail.
  • Facebook and Twitter aren't Microsoft's problem..Facebook folks are still busy squashing bugs in the 7 years old Droid OS!!
    And WP have nice PDF readers..Where are you??
    And YouTube?? Are you a dumbass..?? Comments before you agreed about Google not releasing their apps on WP and now..
    Inferior OFFICE updates?? What do you expect now? More features not yet seen in the desktop version?
    Moonlight updates..WP is the only OS that has been pushing out updates for all of its devices which is just a opposite case in Droid OS where 50% of devices don't even get an update and are stuck on the stock OS forever!!
    Poor Marketing and Products Not Being Released Worldwide are Microsoft's weak areas..But hey!! Which company's perfect??
    Windows wasn't made open by them..Over the years people have found holes in a very very big OS as 70% computer users use em..So more the number,,more the hackers!! Who says Mac OS is virus free?? Few know that it can also be hacked..No one tried it so no one came to know of it!!
    30% Droid using folks don't use the official Droid OS
    Most of them don't use the stock apps provided with the OS and use third-party ones!! There is a big app store clogged with unnecessary and virus full applications!! Their apps aren't yet fully bug free,,Lag and hang are normal OS processes now!!
  • It's a well known fact that Microsoft had its part in development of Facebook and Twitter app for WP. Don't deny.
    Nice PDF readers.... seriously? Is that why I've to use a Manga reader separately ? It's not rocket science. Just read the store reviews to know the flaws in Adobe reader and Microsoft's PDF reader. Adobe reader has features but doesn't support big files and its just the opposite with the case of PDF Reader. Hence none are apt for use business/personal use.
    By YouTube I mean.... Well... Have you even used the Microsoft's YouTube app? It's a plain link, which is nothing but a crap confined in the store. And yeah, it gives an inferior experience. Specially when using Word, you realise it even more.
    Huh really? How often does Skype gets updated for your reason? The least I expect them to implement is feature parity. Clearly, they don't.
    Common, admit it already! Microsoft sucks big time at marketing. I won't give you further examples.
    I never said droid apps are virus-free or that they don't lag.
  • Admitting that Microsoft sucks big time at marketing..But I still need more examples here!!
    Microsoft WAS developing those apps in the year 2012 when the apps weren't in the store and needed the official tags on them..Since the WP 8 they are on their own!!
    For YouTube you can use the MyTube or TubeCast apps!!
    Microsoft CAN NOT make a Google app..Don't ye understand dumbass stupid bub!! The best they can do is atleast give a direct link app to it..Which they did!!
    WP is developing and hasn't got that much flexibility yet!!
    Skype,,Twitter,,Facebook,,PDF Reader and the list was long but now decreasing rapidly....
    Do you realize that Microsoft has to push even the normal photo editing or video editing apps which not even Google did as those basic apps were covered by the third party apps in their OS.. Gg Microsoft never got that type of support and has done more work on their OS than Google!!
  • First, stop calling like anything. It doesn't make you look smarter.
    If many of the games /apps became incompatible then it was only because of the upgradation from CE core to NT core in Windows Phone 8.0, again, a concern involving Microsoft only. Nothing the vendors could do at that point.
    LOL at your idea of direct link for YouTube. What would they lose if they didn't provide that link-as-app in the first place? The missing name?
    Thanks Mr.Obvious for explaining Microsoft's inability to make Google apps. List is nowhere decreasing (you need to read the first para in my above comment again as I don't see your reply to those anywhere).
    "Do you realize that Microsoft has to push even the normal photo editing or video editing apps which not even Google did as those basic apps were covered by the third party apps in their OS.. "
    -Do YOU realize why Microsoft needs to give out more APIs to the developers? (I'm repeating this for the third time) and that's how I had called it a "closed-system". Closer than required.
    If Microsoft didn't get any support then it was because of their own reasons. Microsoft never had a good relationship with Google back from 2005 but Apple did have.
    I do agree Microsoft is moving on, but their pace isn't just fast enough, in mobile marketing.
  • Am not throwing pots at anywhere!!
    Japanese speaking nincompoop idiot Don't you get it..Microsoft cannot make/use a copyrighted/owned/patented thing of Google!!
    WP OS is slow but surely developing!!
    Apple has even more closer ties with Microsoft than Google..They share a lot of patent sharing agreements etc etc!! It's always Google who nudged Microsoft from time to time..Anti-Microsoft advertisements..No app support for Microsoft and you name it!!
    They are gonna run in the mobile business and you know it Gautam!! Don't unnecessarily start a fight here or else am gonna break that 930 and also forget your FB and Outlook accounts then....
  • Microsoft cannot make/use a copyrighted/owned/patented thing of Google!!" -Thanks Mr.Obvious for explaining it for two times by now!
    I've never compared bonding between "Apple and Microsoft" but between "Microsoft and Google" AND "Apple and Google" if you read that again you'll know.
    Know that, he say "mobile first......" for a reason. I was just pointing out the loopholes they've in WP that needs to be fixed soon enough. Emergence of hundreds of Android running OEMs (basically the Chinese ones) to cater low-mid class market share does worry me about WP's market share a lot. Some of you may argue that Microsoft's priority isn't WP's market share but giving it's users the best possible "One experience". However, I oppose that. There's seriously no use of making a hotel if people wont visit your place. Apps increment (I'm talking of official ones) depends on market share value. Some developers are just too stupid not to launch apps on WPs reasoning it's low market share.
    Calm down calm down! Lets not get to that point! I know your hacking skills already. It's comparable with a 7 yr old girl using a computer for the first time. And she wins! :P :P :P
    About 930, let it be kept alone for a while. Do keep in mind though :
    "Nokia is indestructible. Since 1865."
  • Just for the heck of proving your point you are talking stupid and rubbish here!! Microsoft did make a YouTube app and Google had it pulled and if they make it again it will have the same fate!! You are not getting the point and it's not my problem!! WP is new for devs and application making is tough here and market share plays a minimal role in it!! APIs are also less and Microsoft doesn't give away all as they are prone to modifications and customizations which later leads to hacking of the OS in one way or another!! Atleast they found a way to protect their OS from SD Card hacks which even the Apple folks haven't been able to till date!! There are penalties to be paid for being the safest Mobile OS!!
    Whatever skills I have are surely better than yours..!! STFU
  • 1. I never disagreed that Google didn't pull the app. My point is that, if Google allowed to have an app called "YouTube" (which you told not possible but I had to show you the screenshot in WA), why not Microsoft better make an app without the original name but a different one having enough functionality (they can even contact third party developers for that)... (I already discussed this on WA with you...). Why should people be punished to purchase paid YouTube clients, just because they're on WP? How good does it look in comparison to its rivals? There's no use of keeping a link in the store than for the sake of getting rotten reviews. 2. Providing more APIs neither makes any OS prone to malware nor makes it hackable. However, making the OS open source surely does, which I never suggested (Android).
    Not sure what skills you're smoking about.
    ... Nevermind.... Happy to see you fighting for Microsoft though :P :P
  • Ha Well said...
  • Let's just see what happens next
  • MS have f##ked you with W8 and WPhonrs - who gives a shit about MS products when they don't even care about them themselves! Honestly MS no one likes you and your false promises.
  • Gtfo. We ❤ MS.
  • Umm, what? You probably shouldn't be on a Microsoft centric site if u hate them so much.
  • Along with me many still and will like Microsoft and their 'true but a lil late' promises!! And this is not AndroidCentral or iMore..Also you have a big typo problems..
  • Nadella had put Microsoft on the right track
  • He has hardly done anything himself except make the news for his blurbs. Everything going on today was set in place by Ballmer. Give Steve his props. It will take 1-2 years to fully see the fruits of Satya's labor.
  • So we shouldn't also blame him for the Windows 8 and WP flops??
  • Props for getting a product nearly complete then trashing it, taking ten steps backward, and half a step forward once a year?
  • Yeah ill give Ballmer his props ...thanks for letting Android take over. Thanks for letting Google services dominate. Thanks for letting Chromebooks even exist. Thanks for letting playstation take over again. Thanks for letting Apple become the most profitable tech company on earth. Thanks Steve!
  • Those are external occurences and not really related to MS. Andorid and Apple got to where they are because of things they did not because of things MS didn't do. Sure Ballmer could have predicted the rise in mobility but Nokia/Blackberry/Palm/Dell/Sony/HP/plus more didn't adapt fast enough. But Ballmer was able to keep and maintain MS above all those and is still of the most influential/powerful/successfull companies in the world. Be thankful that we didn't go the route of IBM/Xerox and other former powerhouse tech companies.
  • Disagree, MS is in their predicament precisely because of the things they didn't do. I won't blame them for for things not originally in their sphere like missing out on navigation. They did miss the boat on advertising and internet search. They've been trying to do mobile media for decades and to this day, they still don't have a fully functional mobile media player.
  • Typo in article title.
  • Yes, it should be "...a Better, More Diverse..."
  • (I thought that women and men were already paid the same and the only reason that there aren't more women is that women aren't necessarily asking for a job in Redmond but that's just me)
  • Dont care about diversity, especially forced diversity. The quality of the product is my number one concern. Not how many women, minorities, trannies, or midgets you hire.
  • Yup. Who is the best person for the job? Period. Once you start picking people for any other reason you're accepting mediocrity.
  • While you are not off by the notion that diversity in and of itself shouldn't be the focus, as you say, forced diversity. The fact is that subconscious bias does affect a person's perception of another's competence. Or even with perceived competence aside, there is the "feels like the right fit for this position" metric. Naturally, someone who feels like they fit in with the current team is probably someone quite similar to those already on the team, and surely they would fit in and perform in their role quite well. But when there is an effort taken to find someone that is not only knowledgeable for the role, but is also not of the norm race or gender for the company, an employee is gained that brings not just expertise to the room but also a slightly different way of thinking, of approaching problems. Even further, the company now has someone who brings familiarity of different cultures and opinions. Suddenly the company has a way to actually reach those audiences and create products that they also find appealing and natural to use. Certainly, fitting in and mixing with the team may be a slower process at first, but given the common profession and, possibly, educational background there is more than enough common interest off which to relate and socialize. With a little effort and time, hopefully it will be difficult to even tell this newcomer apart from the rest of the team, because that's what they'll be, and maybe a little improved all around.
  • I wholehearted agree that the best person should be selected for the job. But I have seen far too many times that a very obviously less qualified person is chosen simply to fill a race and ethnicity quota. All that achieves over time is to reinforce bias.
  • That can happen as well. The one hiring either doesn't understand the point or they actually can't find anyone that is outside the company norm and so they hire the first person that fits that criteria whether the skills for the job are there or not (due to some quota). Obviously that senario really only works on race and ethnicity not gender. It is unfortunate that quotas exist, yet it is also unfortunate that quotas are somewhat needed right now. Really, our mindset has to change. And by 'our', I mean everyone. It's one thing for someone to be hired. It is another for them to be actually accepted as an equal and as a member of the team by the employees already in the company. 
  • It sounds like his heart is in the right place. His personal view on not outwardly seeking advancement in pay or position clearly shows that unconscious bias that many may have, in any industry. If nothing else I like that a person in his position can admit to being wrong. It humanizes him and if such an approach is rolled into the business model at Microsoft I believe there is a chance it could win a few people over. Unlike the, "you're holding the phone wrong" and "your pants are too tight" defensive of some tech companies.
  • The thing is the majority of people who want to work at Microsoft are men, so I'm fine with women working there absolutely but if they sacrifice the product for "not offending people" and hurting the current employees..... that isn't right.
  • It was probably a bad answer to give at a women's conference, but the same answer would apply to male staff too. He obviously believes people should work hard and earn pay rises. His follow up about unconscious biases underlines this and I think it will sort itself out soon
  • F 'em if they can't accept the truth.
  • Who cares... This is all PR crap.
  • They should hire new graphic designers and publicists, cause their ads suck
  • Rodneyej agrees with you!! :P:P
  • Lol!!! I completely agree!.
    Actually, I completely disagree, because they shouldn't hire new MS employees to do marketing... No, no they need to outsource their marketing to marketing firms who have been successful, and know what they are doing...
  • Rod....YOU SHOULD join Microsoft marketing department asap!!
  • I was told the same thing in person by some 25 year MS veterans the other day... I met them at the airport, and when they heard what I had to say about marketing they completely agreed, and admitted that poor marketing is the reason for WP's current market share... They said I needed to apply for a position somewhere in the company...
    And, at that point, if I did lead the marketing team for WP this time in 2017 market share would be in the double digits..... The first step is obvious... I would begin by fighting to quadruple the marketing budget for WP.. Second, I would move to outsource WP marketing to the most successful marketing firm possible.. Get the funds first, then run with them.. That would be my plan...
    Third, I would play the demographic game, even if certain devices need to be marketed to people of different backgrounds... Basically play on peoples traditions, and insecurities... There's a way to sell products to White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, and Asian people here in America, and it's not the current one size fits all way WP marketing currently supports.... This has worked wonders for the automotive industry, food, clothing, and you name it.. Also, new devices need to be made accordingly... Where's a high end device made specially for women, that tech nerds device, one for an active lifestyle????? WP's main claim at the beginning was to be for everyone. I would stick with that, and ride it to death.... What MS doesn't understand is that the marketing team should be working right along side the team who decides the theme for devices... It's just a mind game with consumers. Let the consumers tell you what they want... If golf is important to white guys then market accordingly to them as needed.. Music, sports, business.... Easy. MS's most valuable tool for marketing is right under their nose... MSN. They have the data, they just refuse to use it.
    One of the problems with WP is that MS doesn't have a separate, more OS featured set of their own commercials that only feature the OS... All current WP commercials are carrier, and OEM tied... That's why I say poor marketing is MS's fault.. They are to reliant on what others do, when they should be doing WP marketing on their own... Carrier commercials should compliment MS's own ads, not carry the platform.... "Apple"
  • *Clapping As Hard As I Can*
    Can you post this on their user voice pages?? Microsoft only thinks about Making A Product..Finalizing It..Throwing A Nice Presentation....Then they expect it to sell it on it's own as if it were a highly desired iPhone!!
    Congratulations Again Rod!! That takes some thinking!!
  • We live in an f'ed world where people want someone's head on a platter when they misspeak about some sensitive issue. This guy, IMHO, has nothing but good intentions on this matter and I truly believe that. Put the pitchforks away, dummies!
  • I completely agree!
  • Actions speak louder bollocks to promises results are what we need to see for windows phone and windows etc
  • Honestly everything about him seems pretty damn genuine. People need to let it go and accept his apology. He's already admitted his ignorance in answering the question and it's really a very honest mistake. He misinterpreted the question. Let the guy live.
  • Or, here's a concept, just hire the best people for the job.
  • Can he just pledge to update the Icon?
  • Microsoft new CEO should appreciate female minds as much as male minds. Female under treatment is so 20th century
  • Microsoft's CEO could learn a thing or two from the corporation senior workers
  • Microsoft! <3 <3 <3
  • Last but definitely not least Creating applications for Windows should be first forehand.development for other OS is okay but WP app should have special features found non were else example: (Xboxlive) WP exclusives are ok if They are well thought of and engineered.
  • Stupid comment but the reason he was asked to speak there in the first place is that Microsoft is a model for equality.
  • Diversity from Dilbert evil HR director - "De longer you work here diverse it gets".
  • Glad that he came back out again to confirm he was WRONG. That's the sign of a solid leader who listens. Also good to see that everyone saying he didn't say anything wrong have also gone quiet. It was an old fashioned non-focused thing to originally say and not the direction Microsoft needs to be. Speaking of which, I'm really disappointed that NOBODY at WPCentral have reached out to Microsoft about where is the 2014 Flagship? Say what you want about the pro Apple fanboi websites but there is no way they would allow Apple to stay quiet on no 2014 flagship. I have a horrible feeling that it could be at least 9 more months until Windows 10 will be released on the New Lumia Flagship. This year Android has had the G3, S5, Z3, Z3c, MotoX2, OnePlusOne, HTC One, Nexus 6 and Note 4. iOS has the 6 & 6 Plus.... Windows Phone has the Lumia 830.....?
  • I love how the men on this site comment about how this should not be a big deal. Guess that is the privilege of being a man, you can tell women to go suck it up. The truth though is men lie, numbers don't. Women do not get the same opportunities that men get and are definitely not paid the same. Facts only. I think the cycle particularly in tech can be broken if we all start making deliberate efforts (*ahem* more female writers on tech sites for example.) to even the playing field and then we will really see who has the talent. Alas I will wait for the hate to start in 3, 2, 1...
  • thettk, I think your argument is diminished when you say men lie. Yes I understand you were using the phrase in a way to make a point about numbers suuporting your facts, but overall your argument comes accross as man bashing with "privilege of being a man" and "we will really see who has the talent". Take the high road - I for one have no problem when things are exactly equal.
  • Long Syntax, I fear a lot of what I was saying was lost in translation somehow. I apologize for that. When I say "men lie" I meant it as if you had pick between documented facts/numbers vs the opinion of "men" then you go with the numbers. It is not a blank statement to say all males lie. We all enjoy privileges based on different things and I merely pointed out one privilege I see some men on this site here exhibit i.e. they do not live the reality of women in tech and yet they act like authorities on how women should behave. They feel they can do this because to them that is not they reality and so do not see why it is s problem. I believe good work should be rewarded but the field is not very even right now for the work women do to be judged fairly.
  • Facts huh? Facts like women are more likely to leave early and men are more likely to work past five? Women are more likely to exit the work force to raise kids? Training is more likely to be wasted women who end up leaving the work force?
    Job opportunities? Does Sports Illustrated produce a men's swim suit edition? What's the ratio of male strip clubs vs women's? Women get better tips than men on average. If you're a woman in a STEM field, you're pretty much guaranteed a job regardless of ability. Female owned businesses get preference on government contracts. It goes on and on.
    Job opportunities... You really want to dig ditches, run a jackhammer all day, or haul trash?
  • Can you point me to a place with evidence to support any of your points?
  • You need lessons in how to use a search engine? Is this another reason we need to include, men can use the internet and women can't? The issue has been researched to death. There is a mountain range of studies on this issue.
    Here's one article which points to several:
  • Translating numbers into a qualified fact that identifies a root cause to a problem is a very difficult thing to do. Statistical data may show a correlation but the variables determine whether the model applies to reality. As long as that is the case, inequality will always be subjective.
  • There is no problem. This is a social justice myth trying to justify an agenda. Declaring there is a problem then when asked to prove there really is a problem... "well it's complicated" doesn't cut it.
  • The data can be manipulated (intentionally or inadvertently) to support any subjective qualification. That cuts both ways. My personal experience in this matter is limited. But I would caution anyone from discounting the experience of those who have been subject to discrimination. Any form of discrimination for any number of people is the antithesis of the American ethos. Statistical analysis underscores the impact that this has on many people throughout this country and throughout the world. Striving for equitable opportunity is good for everyone and it is the right thing to do regardless of what the numbers suggest. That is my two cents.
  • Nobody is claiming there isn't discrimination. Systemic discrimination? Yea, I'll dispute that. But anecdotal discrimination... Everyone encounters it occasionally regardless of sex or race. Most would say white people aren't discriminated against. In fact, most would laugh if you asserted that they are. Yet 99% of the employees at Birmingham city hall are black. I have yet to see a single white person working at any black owned business in Birmingham. Is it a national systemic problem? No. Local? Yes. Does anyone care? Not really.
  • Discrimination can be indiscriminate. As for systemic discrimination, that is hard to say. 20 years ago, many would have said the same thing but when I look back at it, it seems pretty clear that we had a long way to go. More than likely, the same will be true of today when I look back on it 20 years from now. If it isn't ethnic or gender, it will be religious, socioeconomic or a combination of everything. Does anyone care? Those that feel like they are discriminated against do. And as you rightly point out, that could be just about anyone for any number of reasons.
  • You'll never abolish discrimination entirely. It's a fool's dream. You can fix governmental discrimination which we have actually gone too far with (affirmative action is still discrimination.) But after that, it's just fucking life and life isn't fair. Boohoo.
  • Satya Nadella's "Donald Sterling" move didn't sit well with female investors I guess.
  • So instead of hiring the best candidates, they may hire what needs to be filled based on their new discrimination policy. Gotcha.
  • WPCental, Stop promoting this guy. He is the worst choice for Microsoft CEO. And your anti-Elop attitude makes me sick.  
  • Where's the proportion? Isn't that just a news?
  • You don't understand because you are here not enough time.
  • Oh god why???
    What exactly happened? Wait, tell me more!
  • Since how long are you here @sl#WP??
  • Blah Blah.. black sheep..
  • Agree. He's a twat!
  • What he said was just revolting. However, I'm glad he made such comments, because it's brought this issue (unconscious bias in the workplace) to light, and now society is discussing it and, as seen here, taking action. I genuinely believe he didn't think there was any harm in his words at the time, and that he thought he was giving good advice. He just didn't know because, obviously, he hasn't experienced female pay-equality himself. Big "whoopsie" moment, but at least some good is coming of it, and I also believe he's genuinely remorseful, he just didn't know.
  • Clearly, this is an important issue to him or he wouldn't have been speaking at the conference to begin with. More and more women are entering into the tech market but it is more of a trickle than a flood. Satya seems to be a very authentic person. He answered the question from the perspective of someone where karma has a very real meaning. When you believe that you are acting in the best interest of your employees, it is only natural to tell people to trust your leadership to do the right thing. If other executives were honest, they would probably say something similar or they would deny that there is any bias. Is there a bias? Probably but I doubt that it is extricably linked to gender. If you are willing to do the job for less than your peers (regardless of gender or ethnicity), your employer will be all too happy to use that to their advantage. At one time in my life, I didn't ask for raises. I just hoped that they would see the value to my work and that they would reward me accordingly. That rarely worked out in my favor. Now, I don't ask for a raise, I tell them what I expect them to do. If it falls on deaf ears, I leave the company and I usually get a bigger raise than I what I was asking for. More recently, I had a job offer waiting for me (ironically, at Microsoft) when I approached my employer. I told them what I expect but I also told them that I had another job offer. When I sat down with my director, I told him that I was looking for the best role and went out of my way to tell him that I may choose Microsoft regardless of whether they matched or beat their offer. But I also told him that a change in role with commensurate salary would be very convincing. Some would say that I had balls to do that but I don't see it that way. The firm that I work for is really nothing more than a glorified pimp. They will always get more out of me than the inverse. But with that said, negotiating with your employer to pay you more for doing the same job will always be difficult. You are not negotiating from a position of strength. You have to up the game and be willing to follow through. In reality, very few people are willing to do that regardless of gender or ethnicity but it may be easier for men to take those risks than it is for women and that could be a matter of biology. Either way, I don't know what the right answer is and I don't think anyone else does either. You will hardly ever get a substantial raise for doing the same job that you were doing before. It doesn't really matter whether you ask for it. Advising that women ask for raises without addressing the reality of employer / employee relations will not bridge the gap for most people. It could actually have the opposite effect.
  • Yet those throwing stones still fuel their cars with product from the most oppressive countries for women in the world.  Nadella's religion (Hinduism) believes in a concept of karma, which likely factored into his thought process when answering the question -- e.g., those who earn a salary will be rewarded with that salary regardless of gender, it's not about asking for it it's about earning it.  The outcry against him is in part reflective of religious ignorance and intolerance.  Critics are quick to defend Islam at every turn but throw peaceful and tolerant religions under the bus.
  • That is exactly what I was thinking when I heard his comments and the outcry. Given his cultural background, karma has a very real meaning to him. He isn't going to use that term flippantly. Criticizing him for espousing that karma will benefit those who are more passive is inherently intolerant. The irony is striking.
  • Great, but the damage has been done. Months of cultivating the MS stock has regressed significantly. Just check your mouth next time...
  • What I expect from Satya is make sure all Microsoft software services such as Office 365, OneDrive and the OS itself is better than other platforms. All to run fast and smoothly on Windows 10.
  • Hire the person who's the best for the job, dont hire someone just because they're black or they're Asian. This is discrimination.
  • What's wrong with you guys? He did not suggest that "women should not ask for pay raises". Please get your facts straight.
  • More "diverse" is that liberal crap that sanctions discrimination. You can be diverse if you choose folks based on qualification, merit and ethics.
    ... But to choose based upon skin color is not diversity but government sanctioned racism. America is allowing the discrimination of white males simply because they are white. I wonder if black and Hispanic based companies are required to be as "inclusive" or "diverse" as they are demanding every one else to be.
    ... If Microsoft bases their decisions upon qualifications then that's fine. But if they start discriminating to fill a racial quota to appease racist hypocrites then Microsoft deserves to crumble.
    ... Microsoft you better not start discriminating.
  • If somebody is able to change Microsoft it's nadella.
  • He's a prat!
  • Women get to cook meals for raises.
  • In the context of Microsoft, I wonder what diverse workforce really long as reverse discrimination does not occur
  • He should focus on Xbox. Xbox music and videos on Windows just plain sucks. Microsoft accounts, payment details, managing devices across Windows and Xbox, etc, have no adhesive in between to offer a clear and concise service for users to easily understand and operate. Its all a bit of a mess at the moment and it feels like no one at Microsoft are even aware of it.
  • It's a well known fact that Microsoft had its part in development of Facebook and Twitter app for WP. Don't deny.
    Nice PDF readers.... seriously? Is that why I've to use a Manga reader separately ? It's not rocket science. Just read the store reviews to know the flaws in Adobe reader and Microsoft's PDF reader. Adobe reader has features but doesn't support big files and its just the opposite with the case of PDF Reader. Hence none are apt for use business/personal use.
    By YouTube I mean.... Well... Have you even used the Microsoft's YouTube app? It's a plain link, which is nothing but a crap confined in the store. And yeah, it gives an inferior experience. Specially when using Word, you realise it even more.
    Huh really? How often does Skype gets updated for your reason? The least I expect them to implement is feature parity. Clearly, they don't.
    Common, admit it already! Microsoft sucks big time at marketing. I won't give you further examples.
    I never said droid apps are virus-free or that they don't lag.